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Public Notices

April 18, 2014

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Field Day

Sun Photo by Phil Gentry

As teacher/coaches urge them on, members of an elementary girls' tug-of-war team from Glenwood School heave with all their might on the Glenwood end of the rope in Friday's Field Day events, sponsored annually by the Greeneville Exchange Club. (The Glenwood girls won this match!) Shown pulling on the rope are, from front to back: Tayler Jones, a first grader; Katie Laws, a second grader; Krishna Parman, a second grader; Katie Jones (not visible in photo), a second grader; and Kera Davis (not visible in photo), a second grader. Urging the team on are Kim Gregory, left, and Kay Huff, right.

Originally published:
Last modified: 2009-04-01 12:10:13

The annual Greeneville Exchange Club's Field Day brought around 2,000 students and probably several hundred more parents to Tusculum College on Friday for a day of games and contests.

The event has been held for decades by the local Exchange Club, but for the past two years the venue has been moved to Tusculum College due to ongoing construction work at Greeneville High School.

Cloudy skies and cool temperatures left some of the youngsters chilled to the bone during the early morning. But the chills changed to smiles as the competition began and top finishers in each event made the trek for the awarding of t-shirts, which most gladly slipped on over their tops, making for a sea of white in the stands at the football stadium as the students were seated to await their event.

The competition ranged from routine events like basketball free throw shooting, to contests you don't see every day, like the sack race and wheelbarrow race.

Here is a list of all the winners from Friday's Field Day. Please understand that some names might be misspelled. Exchange Club members did the best they could in spelling names correctly, but when you deal with this many people, there are bound to be some mistakes.

Basketball Free Throws

Boys 1-2: 1. Douglas King, Towering Oaks; 2. (tie) Brent Farris, Nolachuckey; Christian Dawson, Hal Henard; 4. (tie) Dakota Darnell, Chuckey; Matthew Church, Doak.

Boys 3-4: 1. Taylor McAmis, DeBusk; 2. Jordan Hall, Tusculum View; 3. Mark Lupere, Baileyton; 4. C.J. Bright, West Pines; Jordan Creek, McDonald.

Boys 5-6: 1. Blake Hebert, Tusculum View; 2. (tie) Bronson Pearson, Mosheim; Denin Williams, Doak; 4. (tie) Dustin Kilday, Baileyton; Alex Arwood, DeBusk.

Boys 7-8: 1. Matt Underwood, Camp Creek; 2. Jordan Dugger, GMS; 3. (tie) Sam Lawson, McDonald; Alex Smith, Mosheim; 5. Aaron Hansel, DeBusk.


Boys 1-2: 1. Michael McGhee, Camp Creek; 2. Joseph Tillery, EastView; 3. (tie) Corey Stevens, Doak; Zack Anderson, Hal Henard; 5. Ben Seaton, DeBusk.
Boys 3-4: 1. Brandon Griffin, Hal Henard; 2. (tie) Curtis Benton, Camp Creek; Brice Hebert, Tusculum View; Jacob Watkins, Doak; 5. Luke Jackson, Chuckey.
Boys 5-6: 1. Timothy Michaels, Tusculum View; 2. Justin Daugherty, GMS; 3.
Stephan Van der Merwe, Towering Oaks; 4. (tie) Shawn Martin, DeBusk; David Rader, EastView.

Boys 7-8: 1. Jesse Neas, GMS; 2. (tie) Josh Wilburn, McDonald; Jimmy Belt, Mosheim; 4. Cody Schacke, Doak; 5. Johnny Rogers, Camp Creek.


Boys 1-2: 1. Ashton Baxley, Camp Creek; 2. Adam Kirk, Baileyton; 3. Patrick Cole, Chuckey; 4. Michael Lane, EastView; 5. Jonathan Taylor, Highland.

Boys 3-4: 1. Shane Stills, EastView; 2. Jalen Shuffler, Doak; 3. Tyler Smith, Glenwood; 4. Cody Ricker, Ottway; 5. Eddie Cedillo, Camp Creek.

Boys 5-6: 1. Zachary King, Doak; 2. Joseph Manty, GMS; 3. Trevon Hall, Highland; 4. Brandon Campbell, Mosheim; 5. Luke Williams, West Pines.

Boys 7-8: 1. Nick Havers, Doak; 2. Brian Moore, Glenwood; 3. Anthony Guidore, Camp Creek; 4. Eric Anderson, GMS; 5. Jamie Blair, DeBusk.

Football Throw

Boys 1-2: 1. Daniel Tweed/Jordan Renner, Nolachuckey; 2. Cameron Cannon/Devyn Darnell, DeBusk; 3. Tyler Justis/Matt Smith, EastView; 4. Garrett Harbin/Daulton Wright, Wet Pines; 5. Heath Feezell/Tristan Collins, Doak.

Boys 3-4: 1. Justin Willis/Ryan Nix, Hal Henard; 2. John Harbison/David Mantey, Tusculum View; 3. Tyler DeBusk/Andy McNeese, EastView; 4. Garrett Ware/Byron Arwood, Doak; 5. Daniel Rader/Hayden Johnson, DeBusk.

Boys 5-6: 1. Tremaine Gash/Charlie Arrington, GMS; 2. Chad Shelton/Noah Naseri, Doak; 3. Danny Wright/Wesley Lunsford, Nolachuckey; 4. Jessie Garber/Chris Cooper, Baileyton; 5. Travis Humphrey/Ben Kite, McDonald.

Boys 7-8: 1. Jordan Bowers/Brynnan Allen, GMS; 2. Jordan Laws/William Crum, DeBusk; 3. Bryan Killion/Jesse Bible, McDonald; 4. Dusty Neal/Cory Cutshall, Baileyton; 5. Brian Sauceman/Chad Jennings, Mosheim.

Running Broad Jump

Boys 1-2: 1. Chance Payne, EastView; 2. Daniel Carter, Baileyton; 3. Keith Prewitt, Hal Henard; 4. Ryan Smith, West Pines; 5. Ethan Wykle, Nolachuckey.

Boys 3-4: 1. Cameron Chapman, Doak; 2. Brandon Malone, DeBusk; 3. Amos Myers, Tusculum View; 4. Keith Rogers, Camp Creek; 5. Trey Anderson, Hal Henard.

Boys 5-6: 1. Aaron Weems, Mosheim; 2. Tyler Gaby, Tusculum View; 3. Kameron Keller, Nolachuckey; 4. Elliot Hagerty, GMS; 5. Chase Bailey, DeBusk.

Boys 7-8: 1. Brandon Gash, GMS; 2. Chris Breland, Doak; 3. Josh Powers, Nolachuckey; 4. Chris Jones, Mosheim; 5. David Stills, DeBusk.

Sack Race

Boys 1-2: 1. Steven Yokley, Chuckey; 2. Jordan Anderson, West Pines; 3. Simeon Roberts, Doak; 4. Dillon Shelton, Nolachuckey; 5. Bayless Kinser, Camp Creek.
Boys 3-4: 1. Brandon Marsh, Doak; 2. Logan Minnick, EastView; 3. Kenneth Chandley, Glenwood; 4. Jordan Nease, Tusculum View; 5. Dustin Rector, West

Boys 5-6: 1. Ryan Duncan, GMS; 2. Devin Barner, DeBusk; 3. Tyler Banks, Doak; 4. Chris Ball, Chuckey; 5. James Gross, West Pines.

Boys 7-8: 1. Michael Tweed, DeBusk; 2. Lee Fillers, Doak; 3. Patrick Harley, GMS; 4. Walter Doolittle, West Pines; 5. Melvin Underwood, Camp Creek.


Boys 1-2: 1. Logan Collins/Jonathan Blaylock, Doak; 2. Cody Myers/Jesse Knight, EastView; 3. Taylor Shuffler/Logan Lawson, Hal Henard; 4. Cody Mullins/Bobby Carberry, West Pines; 5. Nick Hatfield/Troy Cash, Chuckey.

Boys 3-4: 1. Rob Wright/Preston Moore, Hal Henard; 2. Shannon Thompson/Darrell Johnson, Highland; 3. Tyler Feezell/Bryce Cutshall, Doak; 4. Lance Hill/Jordan Mitchell, Tusculum View; 5. David Harris/Dylan Walsh, EastView.

Boys 5-6: 1. Frank Cedillo/Joey Fisher, Camp Creek; 2. John Pendleton/Michael Parr, GMS; 3. Jessie Smith/Ryan Hopson, Baileyton; 4. Brandon Bolton/Bodie Price, Doak; 5. Corey Jenkins/Jonathan Caster, Chuckey.

Boys 7-8: 1. Oscar Hall/Antoine Anderson, GMS; 2. Clay Paxton/James Spears, Mosheim; 3. Michael Lam/Josh Archer, Doak; 4. Marc Wright/Nene Thirakul, Nolachuckey; 5. Thomas Roberts/Matthew Blow, DeBusk.


Boys 1-2: 1. Kevin McAmis, Doak; 2. (tie) Rusty Grindstead, McDonald; Dylan O'Brien, Tusculum View; 4. Torrey Inscore, DeBusk; 5. Andrew Houston, EastView.
Boys 3-4: 1. Eric Feltman, Hal Henard; 2. Mannix Jones, Glenwood; 3. Brock Church, EastView; 4. Brandon Humphreys, West Pines; 5. Josh Grubb, Mosheim.

Boys 5-6: 1. Devan Jencks, West Pines; 2. Chaz Norton; 3. (tie) Dexter Polly, Doak; D.J. Keiketes, Glenwood; 5. Tyler Penley, Tusculum View.
Boys 7-8: 1. Hunter Ferrell, GMS; 2. Jonathan Patrick, DeBusk; 3. Travis Willis, Glenwood; 4. Manuel Wilson, West Pines; 5. Randall Earley, Chuckey.

Standing Broad Jump

Boys 1-2: 1. Justin Bragdon, Hal Henard; 2. Allen Doud, Doak; 3. James Cannon, Tusculum View; 4. Ethan Smith, Baileyton; 5. Benjamin Ogle, EastView.

Boys 3-4: 1. (tie) Eric James, Doak; Storm Bailey, EastView; 3. Jordan Moore, Baileyton; 4. Erin Hilyer, Chuckey; 5. Brandon Trembley, Camp Creek.

Boys 5-6: 1. Kadeen Kickenson, GMS; 2. Daniel Marshall, Ottway; 3. Bryce Ball, EastView; 4. Adrian Flores, Glenwood; 5. Drew Rednour, Nolachuckey.

Boys 7-8: 1. Dustin Ervin, Mosheim; 2. John Fillers, Chuckey; 3. Osiel Flores, Glenwood; 4. Tristan Roberts, Nolachuckey; 5. Robbie Gross, Doak.


Boys 1-2: 1. Willie Wagers, Ethan Ingram, Jacob Hooper, Ryan Sauceman, Jimmy Waddell--Camp Creek; 2. Alex Davis, Josh Britton, Marshall Nagy, Nathan Renner, Kalyn Reed, Zachary Haire--Doak; 3. Dillon Carpenter, Heath Fann, Tanner Gass, Connor Landers, Clay Southerland, Trey Holditch--EastView; 4. Jordan Marsh,
Donavan Miller, Brandon Crawford, Paul Rector, Toby Bailey--West Pines.

Boys 3-4: 1. Colt Carpenter, Jacob Cope, Brandon Dixon, Troy Hopson, Brent Kinser--EastView; 2. Alex Martin, Tommy Moore, Cody Holt, Andy Turner, Justin Slaton--McDonald; 3. William Hicks, Zachary Sims, Kyle Harvel, Mitchell Saulsbury, Andrew Long--Tusculum View; 4. Bronson Smith, Zebulun Smith, Jeremy Southerland, Travis Clark, Scott Susong--Nolachuckey.

Boys 5-6: 1. Adam Hensley, Josh Shelton, Chris Ealy, Jason Shelton, Logan Lamb--Doak; 2. Stephen Shelton, James Hinkle, James Foulks, Garrett Wilds, Andrew Ford--West Pines; 3. David Gunter, Josh Heidebrink, Nathan Carpenter, David Voiles, S.Collins--Mosheim; 4. Dustin Cansler, Dakota Solomon, Josh Jones, Daniel Metcalf, Jacob Bolinger--Glenwood.

Boys 7-8: 1. Keith Holbrook, Don Rozar, A.J. Taylor, Shane Dean, Josh Johnson--Mosheim; 2. Bud Presley, Terry Greer, Brandon Ivy, Vincent Cedillo, Josh Guthrie--Camp Creek; 3. Brian Bible, Julian Cutshall, Eric Mullins, Brock Dunbar, Michael Atkins--Doak; 4. Robert Leeper, Chris Belt, Cody Davis, Garreth Gass, James Bender--GMS.

Wheelbarrow Race

Boys 1-2: 1. Brian Chandley/Cody Fillers, Glenwood; 2. Brennan Hollowell/Derrick Thornton, Tusculum View; 3. Shawn Smith/Jonathan Burr, Baileyton; 4. Tyler Setser/Terry Willis, Ottway; 5. Josh Harville/Eric Foster, McDonald.

Boys 3-4: 1. Tyler Dingus/R.J. Williams, Chuckey; 2. Wesley Quarles/Austin Boys,
Tusculum View; 3. Stephen Inscore/Rolando Flores, Glenwood; 4. Daniel Wedding/Chris Shoemaker, West Pines; 5. Phillip Peters/Stephen Bentley, Doak.

Boys 5-6: 1. Jared Collins/Zachary Randolph, Doak; 2. Fred Peters/Shannon McGinnis, Nolachuckey; 3. T.J. Hartman/Jimmy Herring, Hal Henard; 4. Matthew King/Ryan Fillers, EastView; 5. Jeff Wills/Donnie Mathes, Mosheim.

Boys 7-8: 1. Nathan Dotson/Ryan Burns, Chuckey; 2. Joe Smelcer/Josh Whaley,
Glenwood; 3. Travis Rooker/Nash Armstrong, GMS; 4. Matt Carter/Jimmy Alphin, DeBusk; 5. Josh Ricker/Dustin Hillis, Mosheim.

Basketball Free Throw

Girls 1-2: 1. Coleen Carroll, Nolachuckey; 2. (tie) Kelee Bell, Hal Henard; Emily Morrell, Glenwood; 4. Jordan Everhart, McDonald; 5. Jamy Shelton, Chuckey.
Girls 3-4: 1. Rochelle Dye, DeBusk; 2. Brooke White, Doak; 3. (tie) Chelsea Renner, Camp Creek; Maisie Cox, Mosheim; 5. Melodie Evans, Chuckey.

Girls 5-6: 1. Haylee Anderson, GMS; 2. Michelle Dyer, Baileyton; 3. Karry Smith, Camp Creek; 4. Nicole Dickson, Highland; 5. Christy Johnson, Doak.

Girls 7-8: 1. Sarah King, Towering Oaks; 2. Brandy Poole, Chuckey; 3. (tie) April Hyatt, West Pines; Brook Reaves, McDonald; 5. Rachel Ryans, Camp Creek.

Girls 1-2: 1. Katie Dollar, EastView; 2. Olivia Marenco, Glenwood; 3. Brooke Bowman, DeBusk; 4. Michaela Rowell, Doak; 5. (tie) Layssa Hamilton, Towering Oaks; Melissa Kinser, Camp Creek.

Girls 3-4: 1. Amanda Smith, Hal Henard; 2. (tie) Elizabeth Ritchey, EastView; Tabitha Reed, Tusculum View; 4. Brittany Brown, Camp Creek; 5. Ashley Melton, DeBusk.
Girls 5-6: 1. Savannah Norton, GMS; 2. Cassandra Tweed, DeBusk; 3. Ruby Artino, Nolachuckey; 4. Brandi Garber, Doak; 5. Jessica Romano, EastView.

Girls 7-8: 1. Heather Hayes, West Pines; 2. (tie) Heather Parkey, Chuckey; Hannah Lively, GMS; Liz Napier, Camp Creek; 5. Tiffany Habel, Doak.


Girls 1-2: 1. Genne Shaw, Glenwood; 2. Maelyn Cutshaw, Doak; 3. Karly Frye, Chuckey; 4. Riley House, EastView; 5. Brittany Burgner, DeBusk.

Girls 3-4: 1. Felicia Burkey, Doak; 2. Ashley Shipley, Towering Oaks; 3. Tabatha Hill, Mosheim; 4. Katy Salyer, Chuckey; 5. Christine Bigelow, West Pines.

Girls 5-6: 1. Kelley Weems, Doak; 2. Rachel Collins, GMS; 3. Kourtney Cash,
Chuckey; 4. Danielle Painter, Mosheim; 5. Lindsay Darnell, DeBusk.
Girls 7-8: 1.Chelsea Wright, West Pines; 2. Brittany White, Doak; 3. Jamie Babb, Chuckey; 4. Danielle Sanders, Baileyton; 5. Terran Harrison, GMS.

Football Toss

Girls 1-2: 1. Ashley Crum/Carlee Jones, Glenwood; 2. (tie) Jordan Murphy/Katie Adams, Doak; Megan Cutshaw/Betsy Shaw, Tusculum View; 4. Violettan Hicks/Mercedez Miller, Highland; 5. Sarah Bolton/Madison Ray, EastView.

Girls 3-4: 1. Ashley Laws/Hannah Hensley, DeBusk; 2. Brittany Carberry/Audrey Shipley, West Pines; 3. Jessica Adams/Mariah Britton, Ottway; 4. (tie) Paige Ramsey/
Morgan Shipley, EastView; Jessica Venerable/Brittany Davis, McDonald.

Girls 5-6: 1. Patience Leonard/Devan McIntyre, GMS; 2. Brittany Kinser/Brooke Kinser, DeBusk; 3. Rachel Jagels/Jenna Medlin, EastView; 4. Ashley Brown/Ashia Brown, Mosheim; 5. Brittany Gregg/Courtney Wykle, Nolachuckey.

Girls 7-8: 1. Jessica Morrell/Michelle Johnson, Glenwood; 2. (tie) Ashley McLain/Shaye Penley, Ottway; Kristi Jennings/Serena Landers, Chuckey; 4. Leah Morgan/Brittany Crum, Nolachuckey; 5. Stephanie Robinette/Sheena Paxton, Mosheim.

Running Broad Jump

Girls 1-2: 1. Makayla Malone, Doak; 2. Morgan Higgins, Chuckey; 3. Aileen Wolf, Tusculum View; 4. Crystal Green, West Pines; 5. Ashley Landers, McDonald.

Girls 3-4: 1. Samantha Fender, Camp Creek; 2. Allison McKee, Tusculum View; 3. Victoria Scott, Mosheim; 4. Rachel Goddard, Doak; 5. Marshanna Eason, Highland.
Girls 5-6: 1. Jacklyn Dixon, GMS; 2. (tie) Lacy Gross, Baileyton; Danica Powers, Nolachuckey; 4. Lauren Walker, EastView; 5. Ashley Gosnell, Chuckey.

Girls 7-8: 1. Alex Scott, Camp Creek; 2. Andrea Dean, Baileyton; 3. Holly McAmis, DeBusk; 4. Christy Lane, Doak; 5. (tie) Autumn Stockton, McDonald; Laura Simpson, West Pines.

Sack Race

Girls 1-2: 1. Chelsea Dykes, Hal Henard; 2. Lindsay Archer, Doak; 3. Haley Guinn, Glenwood; 4. Erica Bowman, EastView; 5. Adriana Marino, Towering Oaks.

Girls 3-4: 1. Stephanie Jeffers, EastView; 2. Rachel Davis, Highland; 3. Amber Snyder, Tusculum View; 4. Jennifer Henry, West Pines; 5. Christian Ward, Doak.
Girls 5-6: 1. Hannah Wilds, Nolachuckey; 2. Katie Fields, Tusculum View; 3. M. Peters, DeBusk; 4. Ashley Evicci, Glenwood; 5. Lauren Holt, Doak.

Girls 7-8: 1. Brittany Melton, DeBusk; 2. Kaitlyn Casteel, GMS; 3. Tiffany Brown, Doak; 4. Betsy Franklin, Glenwood; 5. Eva Moore, Nolachuckey.


Girls 1-2: 1. Lyndia Barner/Shantelle Stokely, Tusculum View; 2. Erika Waycaster/Lorin Shelton, Chuckey; 3. Ashton Chaber/Y. Flores/Glenwood; 4. Conner Donahue/Javan Wilhoit, Nolachuckey; 5. Logan Waddell/Melinda Bowman, Doak.
Girls 3-4: 1.(tie) Brandy Crum/Ansley Ricker, Nolachuckey; Dakota White/Allison
Carter, Baileyton;

2. Taylor Chaber/Rachel Adams, Glenwood; 3. Harley Reid/Amanda Bell, Hal Henard; 4. Courtney Botts/Alyssa Crum, Tusculum View; 5. Ashley Brown/Rhnea Garland, Doak.

Girls 5-6: 1. Claire Duncan/Nikki Beard, GMS; 2. Kristen Leng/Hannah Abelson, Hal Henard; 3. Chelsea Morrison/Natasha Shelton, Chuckey; 4. Farren Gaddis/Sarah Adams, Glenwood; 5. Dakota Penley/Ashley Ramey, West Pines.

Girls 7-8: 1. Sienna Forney/Lauren Anderson, GMS; 2. Priscilla Riddle/Leslie Mack, Chuckey; 3. Tracy Willis/Amanda Ripley, Doak; 4. Brittany Roggeman/Teresa Bledsoe, DeBusk; 5. Nikeita Fowler/Hannah Jennings, Nolachuckey.


Girls 1-2: 1. Tori Hlinican, Towering Oaks; 2. Macy Parham, Glenwood; 3. Haley Luttrell, Highland; 4. Arian Daugherty, EastView; 5. Dyan Ricker, Ottway.
Girls 3-4: 1. Abby Woods, EastView; 2. Mary Ricker, Doak; 3. Christen Myers, DeBusk; 4. Bee Chanseri, Ottway; 5. Lauren King, Tusculum View.

Girls 5-6: 1. Chelsea Muhlhahn, GMS; 2. Jaye Parr, EastView; 3. Rachel Pulliam, DeBusk; 4. Brieanna Metcalf, Chuckey; 5. Kayla McLean, Mosheim.
Girls 7-8: 1. T. Spinelli, Glenwood; 2. Candice Ottinger, Doak; 3. Rebecca Mannery, Nolachuckey; 4. Abby Arrington, Chuckey; 5. Katie Crum, DeBusk.

Standing Broad Jump

Girls 1-2: 1. Asheona Williams, Hal Henard; 2. (tie) Shamika Johnson, Baileyton; Hannah Lowery, EastView; 4. Megan Herndon, Tusculum View; 5. Taylor Seay, Glenwood.

Girls 3-4: 1. Hannah Lanacio, Chuckey; 2. Courtney Patterson, Tusculum View; 3. (tie) Shelby Hicks, Camp Creek; Amber Gunter, Mosheim; 5. M. Neas, Hal Henard.
Girls 5-6: 1. Leslie Hood, GMS; 2. Alicia Miller, DeBusk; 3. Brittany Courtney, McDonald; 4. (tie) Carly Shaw, Glenwood; Conner Hall, Hal Henard.

Girls 7-8: 1. Megan Melott, Camp Creek; 2. Amanda Walker, GMS; 3. Bridget Collins, Baileyton; 4. Erin Ward, Nolachuckey; 5. Katie Britton, Doak.

Tug Of War

Girls 1-2:1. Autumn Osterle, Rebecca Dyer, Kaylin Lawson, Kelley Styke, Shannon Smith--McDonald; 2. Kera Danis, K. Laws, Katie Jones, Krisha Parman, Taylor Jones--Glenwood; 3. Kayla Reeves, Michaela Matthews, M. Britton, Melinda Babb, Haley Henn--Ottway; 4. McKenzie, Whitney Hicks, Victoria Franklin, Rachel Mawyer, Lane Ritchie--Tusculum View.

Girls 3-4: 1. Sarah Perry, Jessica McAmis, Jesse Johnson, Sarah Gray, Heather Babb--West Pines; 2. Amber Nance, Ashley Bettencourt, Shelley Barnes, Emily Douthat, Chelsea Cobb--McDonald; 3. Hannah Dollar, Brianne Kelley, Korie Mercer, Jessica Houston, Amber Reppond--Eastview; 4. K. Jones, Casey Pridemore, J. Harrison, Cassi Ricker, Amie Swatzell--Camp Creek.

Girls 5-6: 1. Traci Crenshaw, Samantha Dunsmore, S. Good, Jennie Baker, Tara Hensley--West Pines; 2. Brittany Fawbush, LaStar Rogers, Annie Luttrell, Sara Adams, Bethany Ball--GMS; 3. Brittany Fawbush, Courtney Gray, Karen Potter, Kandy Morrell, Chelsea Jones--Glenwood; 4. Jessica Mathes, Jessica Guthrie, Sara Westphal, Danielle Witt, Stacy Hicks--Doak.

Girls 7-8: 1. Jennifer Cureton, Ashley Johnson, Stephanie Hensley, Samantha Matron, Helena Green--McDonald; 2. Monica Isham, Ashley Garritt, Nikki Walters, Barbara Porter, Janetha Gregory--Glenwood; 3. Ashley Bell, Caroline Tucker, Rachel Odom, Misty Combs, Danielle Gray--Ottway; 4. Holly Carter, Miranda Carter, Kaci King, Miranda Ottinger, Sarah Bell--DeBusk.

Wheelbarrow Race

Girls 1-2: 1. B. Tweed/K. Bailey, DeBusk; 2. S.Gaddis/S.Robinson, Glenwood; 3. Kristen Hartman/Chasity Dabbs, Tusculum View; 4. Margaret Berry/Kayla Campbell, Towering Oaks; 5. Tessa Shupe/Torie Sell, EastView.

Girls 3-4: 1. Tiffany Bowman/Rachel Proffitt, Doak; 2. Betsy Serral/Kayla Berry, Tusculum View; 3. Aleta Priar/Amanda Bowman, Camp Creek; 4. Amanda Fellers/Miranda Lane, Chuckey; 5. Heather Warren/Elizabeth Inscore, DeBusk.

Grades 5-6: 1. Kala Woolsey/Priscilla Price, GMS; 2. Stephanie Smith/Summer Ginther, Hal Henard; 3. Jessica Fellows/Kristen Harness, Doak; 4. Stacy Svette/Jaylen Bailey, EastView; 5. Bethany Morelock/Brittany Pendleton, Baileyton.

Grades 7-8: 1. Elizabeth Bernard/Melanie Webb, GMS; 2. Katrina Morlen/Brittany Ayers, Glenwood; 3. K. McDuffie/R.Bishop, Camp Creek; 4. Cassandra Parkins/Brooke Brackens, Doak; 5. Grace Jennings/Crystal Renner, Chuckey.
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