I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love it for the connections I’ve made with old friends and it’s a convenient way to keep in contact with new ones. And since I’m involved with organizations that need to spread the word about what they’re doing, it’s practically a requirement.

One of the more interesting features of Facebook is the “memories” portion. It shows posts that I’ve made on a particular day over the years. Several years ago, I posted things that I was thankful for on each day in November and now Facebook is reminding me of those posts. It’s fun to see how things have changed — or haven’t — since I made those posts almost a decade ago.

11/10/12 — “Today I am not terribly thankful for the leaf-raking chore in front of me. I am, however, extremely thankful for the opportunity! It means I have a place to live that is surrounded by beautiful trees that are just waiting for spring so they can take my breath away. Again. (And I don’t mean that in the pollen-allergy sort of way, either.)”

I’m still grateful for the trees, but I’m older and much busier now, so I pay someone to mow and mulch up the leaves.

11/15/12 — “Yesterday, I copied the thankful status of a wise friend. Today, I’m doing it again with yet another wise friend. I’m especially thankful that so many wise people choose to call me ‘friend’ as well. They teach me so much!”

I’ve met and made even more wise friends since then. I cannot imagine how difficult life would be without their friendship and counsel.

11/11/11 – “I am thankful for all of the soldiers who have kept and continue to keep it possible for me to express my opinions on such a public forum.”Ten years later, I’m not only expressing my opinions on Facebook but in the local newspaper as well. I will always be thankful for that opportunity and so very grateful for the folks who read it.

11/2/12 – “Today I am thankful for technology. Besides the obvious things like social media that let me connect with people, technology has made so many things easier. Just this morning I heard about a book for the first time. Within three minutes, I had located it online, purchased it for my Kindle, and could have been reading it on my phone if I so chose. How cool is that?”

Technology certainly made the last twenty months easier. Some folks could work from home. Some still are. We could shop from home if we felt uneasy about being in stores. Theatre folks became more creative in their delivery, and I even had the opportunity to watch my daughter perform in a show at the school where she teaches.

Even more fascinating? She could see the faces of the people who were watching, because they projected the Zoom screen onto the ceiling. As someone whose career started when we were sending files from one computer to another using an annoyingly noisy modem and physical phone lines, I was in awe.

11/5/11 – “I am thankful for do-nothing weekends, especially those with an extra hour and family I haven’t seen in a long time.” This post proves that those weekends used to exist. I look forward to finding another one someday.

Finally, here are some of the frivolous thankfulness posts to remind us that there is always something to be grateful for, even when life gets a little heavy.

11/13/11 – “Today I am thankful for high-definition TV – especially when Brendan Frasier, Chris O’Donnell, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck are in the same movie.” This still rings true.

11/27/11 – “I am so thankful for family members who agree that sneaking a six-foot metal chicken into someone’s yard at 1 a.m. risking being shot at and/or dog-bit, is an awesome idea.” Ask me about this one when you see me. It was a hoot!

11/20/11 – “I am thankful for college kids who think it’s cool to hang with us “old folks” for movie night.” Ten years older now, and we can still hang – just not as late.

11/22/11 – “I am thankful for Robert Downey, Jr. and for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel.” I will always be thankful for Robert Downey, Jr.

11/14/11 – “Today I am thankful to be able to help people. There’s no feeling like it. In an unrelated matter, I am also thankful for cat videos.”

Happy Thanksgiving month!

Greeneville native Paige Mengel is a Tusculum College alumna, CPA, arts admirer and Business Coordinator of Greeneville Theatre Guild. Contact Paige at paigemengel@gmail.com.