It’s easy to take for granted what agencies and businesses in the community provide for us without really knowing what they do or how they do it. All In A Day’s Work takes a pictorial look at some of those jobs and the people who do them.

This week provides a glimpse into the workday of Greeneville Police Department officers. While the general public has high expectations of law enforcement, many don’t know what their work encompasses. From shootings to welfare checks to drug busts, everything imaginable in between — and some things that are hard to imagine — there is no such thing as a routine day.

It is a fact, as well as a running joke among officers, that when people don’t know who to call, they call the police. And the police, commendably, will do their best to assist.

The ride-along took place on an uncharacteristically slow Saturday but the following photos, taken during just half of the shift, still gives a sense of the wide variety of calls officers may respond to and the duties they fulfill.

These days, there are many additional challenges facing officers, stemming from bad conduct by some that reflects on all. That makes the job more difficult and more dangerous, as well as demoralizes those who serve their communities with integrity, professionalism and compassion.

“Nobody hates a bad cop as much as a good cop does,” said GPD Sgt. Nick Fillers.

Fillers also said anyone is welcome to submit an application to ride along with an officer to see how they do their work or reach out to an officer to ask questions.

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