The Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society will be hosting an Easter pet photo contest and fundraiser on our very popular Facebook page, “Friends of Greeneville-Greene County TN Humane Society.” To enter a photo of your pet dressed for Easter, just message it to our Facebook page. Be sure to include your pet’s name, along with your name, address and phone number in the message.

We will post your pet’s Easter photo on our page with a link to our fundraiser. People will vote for their favorite costumed pet by donating to the fundraiser linked to your pet’s picture. Fantastic prizes will be awarded to the top 10 fundraising pets. To help your pet win, you will want to be sure to share your pet’s photo with your friends and family! Everyone is invited to dress up their pets and enter the pet costume contest on our Facebook page.

The contest began on Saturday, March 27 and runs through Saturday, April 3. All proceeds go towards the care of the dogs and cats at the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society. Ten awesome baskets will be given to the top ten pets that get the most donations as of midnight on Saturday, April 3.

Did you say you don’t have a pet or you do not plan to enter your pet? It matters not! We invite everyone to enjoy this Easter photo contest by donating online to your favorite pet photo!

Be sure to let your pet get involved in some spring fun while helping shelter dogs and cats!

This Easter, as you are preparing baskets of candy and treats, you will want to be aware of possible dangers that could be lurking for your pets.

Did you know that Easter grass can be dangerous? Cats are drawn to things that move and it is very tempting to play with Easter grass. This is a danger because if ingested, it can cause vomiting or straining to use the bathroom and can cause pain in the abdomen. While not as dangerous to dogs, it can cause the same symptoms. If you suspect that your cat or dog has ingested Easter grass, be sure to call your vet for an appointment. The best solution is to keep the Easter grass out of reach from your pets.

Chocolate! Dogs have a sweet tooth, but because chocolate is very toxic to dogs, be sure to keep that Easter chocolate out of reach. Even though dogs are more tempted, cats should not ingest chocolate either. If your dog or cat eats chocolate, know the amount that they have consumed and once again, call your vet!

Candies or desserts with artificial sweeteners are very toxic for your dogs. The best rule of thumb is to keep any candy or dessert away from your pet. Better safe than sorry!

Many of you may know that Easter lilies, while beautiful, are deadly especially to cats! Signs of poisoning from eating these lily plants are vomiting, lethargy and if untreated, can lead to kidney failure. Take your cat to your vet at any signs of poisoning from ingesting a plant. The Daffodil is another plant that is toxic to cats.

While Easter does pose certain dangers, you can make Easter a fun time for your pet. By keeping doggie & kitty treats, they will be happy just to have your attention and enjoy a treat made just for them! You can even hide the treats in your fenced yard for your dog to find or inside your home for your cat’s hunting pleasure.

Happy Easter everyone, enter our Facebook pet photo contest and keep those pets safe this Easter!

Janet Medcalf is a former president of the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society and is currently manager of the Greeneville-Greene County Animal Shelter.

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