August was a busy one at the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society’s Adoption Center. More than 125 homeless dogs and cats were adopted into homes where they will each receive the love and care they deserve.

Because of your support and generosity, these once homeless and unwanted dogs and cats will now live their lives free of pain, suffering and mistreatment.

Many in our community ask what our needs are at the Adoption Center: We are always in need of clay cat litter.

Did you know that we use over 40 bags of clay cat litter a month? That is a lot of litter, but our shelter cats love their clean litter boxes!

The cat litter that we use is found in most stores and costs around $3 for a 25-pound bag. If our cats could talk, they would say a big thank you for your help in keeping their litter pans clean!

Other much needed items are Fabuloso cleaner, bleach, laundry detergent, dryer sheets and paper towels.

We use a lot of cleaning supplies keeping a clean and healthy shelter for our dogs and cats. While you are out shopping, consider picking up any of these items. Your help is always appreciated!

Do you ever wonder where you can recycle your aluminum cans? We have a large recycle bin at the Adoption Center and would be happy to take your cans!

If you happen to stop by when we are closed, feel free to leave your aluminum can bags at the gate and we will be happy to place them in our bin. All funds raised from this recycling program go to care for shelter dogs and cats.

Thank you for saving your aluminum cans and recycling with your Humane Society, and thank you, again, for the love and care you show for animals in need.