“Betty Parsons” is an acrylic painting on canvas by Noah Young. It is among work in the “Simple Things” exhibit at Mason House Gallery throughout September.

“Simple Things,” a series of paintings by Noah Young, is the featured exhibit in September at Mason House Gallery at the General Morgan Inn.

The exhibit runs through Sept. 28. A meet-the-artist reception is Friday from 5-7 p.m. at the gallery, a news release said. The public is invited.

The exhibition is comprised of nine shaped canvas “paintings” simply rendered in acrylic on raw canvas. The works are geometric “musings” of square and rectangular “box” shapes whose contours are described by dark outlines over small areas of white on a field of raw canvas. The paintings are titled in reference to persons the artist has affinities for, and are homages to the individuals, the release said.

“The edges of the works are painted in dark colors, ostensibly taped to create a ‘floating’ line describing the shape’s outer and inner contours. The works range in size from the intimate to the grand, all exploring an inferred ‘illusionistic space’ both in their markings and shape. Like a child’s drawing of a three-dimensional cube, the works describe these simple geometries in isometric and perspectival space, leaving the viewer to examine the very sparse surface, and to step back and recognize the implied form in space, lending the paintings a depth they don’t at first reveal,” the release said.

Young explained the historical influences, saying, “The works are a logical extension and an ironic take on the minimalist maxim of the elimination of metaphor in art. By reducing the painting to an ‘ideal-platonic’ form, while also being an example of the preoccupation of painting to represent illusionistic space, the works collapse the conceptual framework (minimalism) and at the same time hold-up the most basic tenet of representation in painting (post-renaissance).”

For information on this and other exhibits, contact Til Green, director of exhibitions, at 423-329-5366.