The Greeneville Arts Council and The General Morgan Inn present “The Art of Parker Bunch” at the Mason House Gallery from Wednesday, July 1, through Friday, July 31. The exhibit will be a collection of sketches and paintings from the past six years. There will be an artist’s “Meet and Greet” open to the public Sunday, July 19, from 6-8 p.m. in the Mason House Gallery, off the lobby of the General Morgan Inn, located at 111 North Main Street.

Bunch loved drawing and painting growing up but did not become serious about his artwork until six years ago. He has been discovering ways to express himself through his art as well as how to express emotion and ideas through very simple drawings and vibrant colors. For 16 years, Bunch has been taking part in plays at Tusculum University where his mentor, Marilyn DuBrisk, helped him discover his love for acting. His love for drawing and acting furthered his interest in animation, which he has had a love for his entire life.

In 2015, Bunch began pursuing a career in animation with hopes of eventually working as a character animator for Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California. He earned a B.S in Digital Media with a concentration in animation this past May. He learned more about himself as an artist and storyteller throughout his college career and eventually found a style of art that he feels best represents himself. Bunch’s style is inspired by the simplicity in drawings done by a child, and he has come up with the philosophy that sometimes it is ok to be messy and draw outside the lines.

For more information on this and other exhibits, contact Til Green, director of exhibitions for the Greeneville Arts Council, at 423-329-5266 or visit

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