You hear the catchphrase fairly often: “Kids say the darnedest things.”

Usually, adults say this because a youngster has said something either totally nonsensical or funny because it seems “wise beyond their years.”

I was thinking this as I read through some of our community’s smallest citizens’ thoughts on the Thanksgiving holiday that is, somehow, already upon us as 2019 rushes by.

Each year passes more quickly than the last, it seems, and as “grown ups,” we’re often caught up in the bustle of the “holiday season” — trudging through our work, housework, planning, cooking, crafting and shopping.

One of my favorite holiday traditions started in The Greeneville Sun in 2016, when I visited some elementary schools to talk to kindergarteners about what they’re grateful for. Because I’m glued to my desk these days, Sun Education Editor Eugenia Estes has taken up continuing this task, and I’m thankful that she did!

Take a minute to read some of the sweet thoughts coming from these tiny hearts. You’ll find things you can relate to, I bet. In fact, it has me thinking that rather than being wise beyond their years, many of us “grown ups” are unwise below ours. Their thoughts may help you remember to be grateful for some things you might take for granted sometimes, yourself — family, friends, food, a variety of opportunities we enjoy in this country ... and even the chance to have a little fun.

I’m grateful for all of those things, and many more — including you. Thanks for reading Greene County’s Accent. Highlighting the people that make our community special is something to be thankful for, indeed.