Accent: look it up in a dictionary, and you’ll find several definitions.

As a noun, it can mean “a distinctive manner of expression” or “special concern or attention.”

Used as a verb, it can mean “to give special attention or prominence to something” or “to make something more emphatic, noticeable or distinct.”

So what is “Greene County’s Accent?”

It’s all of the above.

This paper — Greene County’s Accent — is a way to highlight the community’s “distinctive manner of expression” and goings-on of “special concern or attention.” It’s also meant to “give special attention or prominence” to a host of different topics, making them more “noticeable or distinct.”

For decades, paying subscribers of The Greeneville Sun have enjoyed an Accent section. Meant as a special supplement to the Sun, it has often focused on food and social club gatherings — the “society pages” of yore.

But, in recent years, we’ve expanded our focus. Our intention is to highlight all kinds of unique people, places and things in our own backyard.

Because these stories have become so popular, the Sun has decided to share its Accent with readers across Greene County — whether they subscribe to the 6-day-a-week newspaper or not.

This new product, Greene County’s Accent, will be available not only in the Sun, but at newsstands throughout the community from this week forward. Look for it each Wednesday, and if your favorite store doesn’t have it, tell them you want to see it on the shelf.

We think the features in Greene County’s Accent are stories worth telling, and we are grateful for the support of our local advertisers who make these pages possible. We ask that you support them in turn.

And, if you like what you see here, just know that you can find more like this in the Sun, along with important news about what our local governments are doing that will affect your life, crime and courts, clubs and organizations, health news, updates on new and existing local businesses, public records, unique features, obituaries, state and national news and more. (Find out more information at or contact the Circulation Department at 359-3170 to learn about home delivery or online subscriptions.)

Going forward, you can look at Greene County’s Accent as a space to explore artistry and artisans, doers, shakers, makers and other unique characters, nonprofit organizations that work to lift up others, hobbyists and enthusiasts, the kind-of-weird and the generally wonderful.

This week, I couldn’t help but indulge just a bit as we’re introducing ourselves to new readers.

It seems to me that many people throughout the community — and the government — think they know how a newsroom and a newspaper “work.” But, unless you’ve worked in one, you can’t. It’s an intense, hectic process unlike any other. Our cover story today will give you a primer course in newspapering, which features long days, committed employees and big machines.

Beyond weekly cover feature stories like this, we aim to share practical information, too: tips for your garden and home, ways to improve your health, recipes to try, books to check out — all sorts of things will rotate on a weekly basis.

We’ve created a “Things To Do” page you’ll see here each week with event listings and information about local and area entertainment. With so much going on, there’s no need to sit around bored. I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “there’s nothing to do in Greene County.” This page will show you, in black and white, how that’s factually incorrect.

We’ll give you plenty to read, cover-to-cover, and hopefully, when you put these pages down, you’ll have some ideas about things you can go do in Greene County.

I’m excited to tell you that you’ll also find a very special page called “At The Shelter.” It’s meant to help our volunteers at the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society fulfill their mission of saving lives and finding adoptable animals safe, loving homes. It will feature photos of animals available for adoption each week. I personally recommend that you fall in love and take one or two, possibly three, home.

You’ll also find information about how to join the humane society as a member or donate supplies or funds if you aren’t able to adopt.

We are thrilled to support our humane society and ask that you do your part, too. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and many hands make light work. (Also, don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.)

I can promise you’re never going to know exactly what you’ll find highlighted here. That’s my goal: to surprise and delight you each week with things new and different, not really found documented anywhere else.

Working with the talented writers on staff at the Sun and bringing in gifted freelance writers in our region, the possibilities are virtually endless. We are excited about all the opportunities that lie ahead.

We want you to be involved, too. If you have story tips or ideas or amazing photos to share, feel free to drop us a line at

Welcome home to Greene County’s Accent. It’s a new but familiar voice: yours.