The Greeneville Theatre Guild’s production of “The Curious Savage” continues Friday and Saturday. The cast of “The Curious Savage” is comprised of: back row, from the left, Dodger Davis, Pam Gosnell, Gracie Weems, Zach Gass, and Gary Carver; and front row, from the left, Katherine Jones, Tracy Horner, Heather Dalton, Kendra Tarlton, Paige Mengel, and R.J. McCollum.

The Greeneville Theatre Guild’s fall show, “The Curious Savage,” continues for the second weekend of performances on Friday and Saturday evenings, Sept. 18 and 19, at 7 p.m. and on Sunday, Sept. 20, at 2 p.m.

Whether or not the show could be performed remained questionable until just a couple of weeks ago when the coronavirus cases began to trend downward again, a release says.

The cast has been learning lines at home more than normal and only gathering in person, carefully, twice per week instead of the usual three or four per week rehearsal schedule in order to keep each other safe, according to the release.

After their March show was cut short by a weekend, and their summer show postponed for a month and then condensed into one weekend due to virus concerns, Guild coordinators and cast members agreed to begin the production process with the full knowledge that the show could be canceled, despite all their work, if virus cases rose too much.

That uncertainty remained until a couple of weeks ago, when cast and crew decided to go ahead with the scheduled performances because they felt the show could be a much-needed lifter of spirits, as long as precautions were taken.

The story follows Ethel Savage, who is played by Pam Gosnell. Mrs. Savage inherited $10 million when her husband died, and her stepchildren are unhappy about it. Unsurprisingly, they feel the money should be theirs. The Savage children, played by Gary Carver, Gracie Weems, and Zach Gass decide to have Mrs. Savage committed to a sanatorium to convince her to change her mind.

Mrs. Savage is determined to honor her husband by creating a memorial fund in his name. The fund would then be spent to help people follow their dreams, as foolish as they might be. As Mrs. Savage says, “There are plenty of charities for foolish people in desperate need, and none for people with a desperate need to be foolish.”

When she meets the residents of the sanatorium, though, she realizes that sometimes “family” can come from places other than birth or marriage. Heather Dalton, Paige Mengel, Katherine Jones, R.J. McColllum and Katherine Jones portray the folks who live at The Cloisters. They accept Mrs. Savage into their insulated bubble and help her to see the world through their simple, albeit sometimes skewed outlook.

Tracy Horner plays the doctor at The Cloisters. She and Miss Willhemina, portrayed by Kendra Tarlton, care for the residents and deal with the Savages while maintaining order and trying to help Mrs. Savage find her way.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to get out for an evening of live entertainment. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for seniors 65 and older, children and students, and will be available at the door. Those wishing to purchase advance tickets may do so at

The Greeneville Theatre Guild will follow safety guidelines for all performances. The theatre will be cleaned prior to each show and separate parties will be seated at a distance from each other. Masks will be required when patrons aren’t seated. Any questions or concerns may be addressed by calling the guild at 423-470-2792.

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