Much like Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold and his Lindsey Buckingham-penned theme song, “I found out long ago; it’s a long way down the holiday road.”

So long, in fact, that I haven’t quite made it to a proper holiday (or, err, vacation) this year.

To be honest, I’ve been thoroughly consumed by work for The Greeneville Sun and Greene County’s Accent; the closest I’m getting to my own “vacation” this summer, or what’s left of it, is flipping through photos from other folks’ trips.

Which brings us to this issue.

Earlier this summer, when the Sun found out that Tusculum Community Chorus was preparing to embark on a European vacation (not of the Griswold-style), I had a couple of reactions: “Take pictures” and “Take me with you!”

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for everyone else (I am no singer), I did not accompany the chorus on their 11-day trip to Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

But, they did take “me” with them — in the form of The Greeneville Sun, at least. And, amid a busy schedule of five a cappella shows at places like Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria, and San Giovanni Battista Church in Meduna di Livenza, near Venice, the singers took time to snap a few photos for and with “me” (rather, the Sun). How fun!

I hope it’s not too shameless of self-promotion to tell you all how much I adore the photos the group sent back home to us. And, though the chorus likely thinks I’d forgotten all about them, for once, I had a plan all along: I’ve been holding on to them since June to kick off a short series that, over the next few weeks, will show off some of our Greeneville friends’ travels.

Oh, the places you’ve gone!

Did you or your group take an amazing trip this summer? Do you have amazing photos you want to share with the community? Write to, and you might be featured, too.