October Is 'Adopt A Shelter Dog' Month


By Janet Medcalf

Have you been thinking about adopting a dog or puppy? During the month of October, the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society is celebrating "Adopt a Shelter Dog" month.

We would like to encourage you to come visit both the Humane Society Adoption Center and Greene County Animal Control on Hal Henard Road.

We're confident you'll find what you're looking for, no matter the size, color, age or personality.

There are so many positive benefits to owning a dog. Did you know that owning a dog is actually good for your health?

Besides the benefits that come with taking your dog for daily walks, owning a dog can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, ease loneliness and reduce stress.

Before choosing a dog, we recommend that you create a check list of considerations including what size dog will fit your needs, whether you want an active or lazy dog, how much time and patience you have to housetrain a dog, what breed type is most suitable for your family, and can you afford mandatory expenses that come with owning a dog such as food, basic grooming supplies and routine veterinary care?

You'll also want to keep in mind that some dogs are suitable as indoor pets only and will need to be walked on a leash regularly throughout the day and sometimes night too.

Other dogs prefer the great outdoors where they can run and play all day, so if you choose an outdoor dog, you'll need to have a fenced in yard or an invisible fence as we know that no dog should ever live it's live on a chain or runner.

So many things to consider, yet this is a very important step because too often people have adopted a dog, only to find that they don't have enough time for it, have no patience to housetrain it, realize the dog doesn't fit in with their routine, or are unable to afford routine pet care costs.

After these considerations, it's now time to visit the Humane Society or Animal Control.

While the Humane Society and Animal Control are not affiliated with one another, they do work very closely with each other to save the lives of as many animals as possible.

Both facilities have a wide variety of dogs. Shelter dogs aren't just mixed breeds, but many times, pure bred dogs.

If you don't find who you're looking for, you can leave your name and number with shelter employees and they can call and let you know if they find what you're looking for.

They might not have your dog today, but it's very possible that they'll have it tomorrow as new adoptable dogs come into both shelters on a daily basis.

When you find a dog you're interested in, it's important that you spend time socializing with and walking it if possible.

If able, try and visit with the dog on several occasions before taking the big step towards adoption.

The adoption fee for dogs at the Humane Society and Animal Control is $95. This includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations appropriate to age, microchip and vet exam.

When you adopt a dog being housed at Greene County Animal Control, you are saving a life.

If you choose to adopt a dog from the Greeneville Greene County Humane Society's no kill facility, you will be creating space so that another dog can be saved. So either way, you're a lifesaver.

Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. Once you adopt, you must be willing to love and care for your new family member for many years to come.

It will be worth the sacrifice though, because you will not only gain health benefits, but also unconditional love. Who could want more?

To view adoptable animals, go to our Facebook pages "Friends of Greeneville-Greene County TN Humane Society" and "Greene County, TN Animal Control."

Humane Society dogs are also on Petfinder.com at www.petfinder.com/shelters/TN90.

Call the Greeneville Greene County Humane Society at (423) 639-4771 or Greene County Animal Control at (423) 798-1777 for more information.

We hope to see you during the month of October to help us celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog month.

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