Ashley Duvall

Moon Child Boutique & Gifts owner Ashley Duvall has stocked the check-out area in her new boutique with self-care and spa items including soap, candles and hand lotion.

For Moon Child Boutique & Gifts owner Ashley Duvall, owning her own boutique has been a long-term dream come true.

Since opening in July at 129 S. Main St., Duvall said the venture has been going well and that she and her small staff have seen more traffic and support than she anticipated.

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised with how supportive the community is,” Duvall said. “We’ve had steady business even considering the pandemic and didn’t find it too difficult to open. We just tried to make sure people knew we were here and make sure to do everything to keep everyone safe.”

Despite its central location downtown and while she has seen many customers walking through the glass entryway to Moon Child or stopping by for curbside delivery, Duvall said some people have had trouble finding it.

“People drive past it if they don’t know where it is,” Duvall said.

While Moon Child may be new, the building it occupies has been a part of the historic landscape since it was built in 1885. Duvall said she was told it has housed a former dress and hat shop and has been open for business as a retail location since at least 1918.

A Greeneville native, Duvall may also be a familiar face downtown. She worked as the general manager at the Capitol Theatre from 2018 to this year, before starting her new business.

“This is what I’ve always wanted to do,” Duvall said.

Owning her own business has been a goal due to the flexibility, Duvall said.

“Also I just love boutiques,” she added. “I’ve always loved the special touch of a boutique. They each have their own style and we offer stuff that Walmart and other big stores can’t.”

Duvall described the style she is cultivating in Moon Child as “modern bohemian, with one foot in each.”

Moon Child currently carries women’s clothes in a full size range “with a pretty good focus on plus sizes,” Duvall said. Accessories and gift items like soaps, lotions and candles are also currently available.

Duvall said her long-term goals for her business include continuing to grow and expand in-store offerings including to carry men’s clothing, offer more gift items and include gift wrapping services, and host events.

She added she also hopes to see more small, local businesses including other boutiques move into downtown.

“I’m excited that I got in early and I get to see it grow over the years,” Duvall said. “I hope it keeps growing. There are so many empty buildings with so much promise.”

Duvall also said she is happy joining a local community of women in business, which she also hopes to see continue growing.

“We have a lot of business-savvy women, and I think we need more female business owners and leaders in the community,” Duvall said. “There’s a lot of promise and I’m excited to be a part of this community of women that bring commerce and business to the area.”

Duvall said she is thankful for her family’s support and help with the store.

“I definitely would not have come this far without my husband’s support,” Duvall said. “He was a huge part of this coming together.”

Duvall said her husband Joshua built the fitting room area in the back corner of the store, which is accessible and big enough for a mom to bring a stroller, and he and her dad Bryan Robinson built the check-out counter.

She is joined at work by her sisters Hannah and Grace Robinson, who is featured in many photos used to advertise the shop, as well as Allison Chudina.

Moon Child is located next to the office of attorney Ed Kershaw, which is on the corner of South Main and East Summer streets.

Current hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Curbside pickup services are available.

For more information call 823-9606, find Moon Child Boutique & Gifts on Facebook or visit

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