The new “Joker” movie is drawing both cheers and jeers. Some comic book aficionados are offended by this ultra-dark portrayal of Batman’s greatest nemesis, while film buffs praise Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar-worthy performance of a frightening American psychopath.

Yes, the title is a play on the Beatles song. As fans of the Fab Four know, the title is a veiled reference to LSD. And while this new movie called “Lucy In the Sky” drifts into a drug-like madness, it doesn’t quite live up to its promise.

The Joker first appeared in a 1940 “Batman” comic book. This deranged villain was the creation of Bob Krane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson.

Not since Luke Skywalker discovered his true parentage have we had such an interesting science-fiction film about the search for a long-lost father. That’s the main thrust of “Ad Astra,” the new sci-fi film starring Brad Pitt.

The new Brad Pitt movie — a space odyssey called “Ad Astra” — got me thinking about other movies in the actor’s filmography. Turns out the editors of Esquire were doing the same rumination. Here are excerpts from Esquire’s Top 10 list, attributed to the editor who championed each film.

My friend Paula loves all thing royal. She stayed home from work to watch the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles on TV. She did the same for Meghan and Harry. When Kate married Prince William, she bought herself a fascinator. She even named her children William, Andrew and Philip a…

The arrival of the movie version of “Downton Abbey” got us thinking about English social classes … and movies that have aptly depicted this socioeconomic hierarchy.