With “Ford v Ferrari” burning rubber on movie screens, we got to thinking about racing films.

Most parents know by heart the words to “Let It Go,” that maddeningly popular song from Disney’s “Frozen.” That’s because their daughters replay the video over and over and over.

Cynical moviegoers are always saying, “The book was better than the film version.” That’s often because a book can go into so much more detail, or share internal thoughts, or dazzle you with the beauty of words.

“The Good Liar” is a new movie with Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren as a confidence man and his mark. It got us to thinking of other movies about swindlers, tricksters, hustlers, grifters and mountebanks.

Each year Netflix releases a number of original movies. Some of the streaming service’s films have been Oscar-winners. But which are the best ones?