With the release of “Bad Boys for Life,” we got to thinking about producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s long list of slam-bam, boom-boom blockbuster action movies. Internet Movie Database lists 110 films to his credit. But which are the best (meaning delivering the adrenaline rush that you expect fro…

As Father Time turns the clock hands to 2020, I got to thinking about the movies I’ve seen over the past decade. Which were the best?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A conversation with Mo Rocca is akin to his “Mobituaries” podcasts and his new book of Rocca-style obituaries: A swooping exploration of people and things past, with the author playing connect-the-dots in entertaining and enlightening fashion.

Rich and influential parents move mountains to ensure their daughters attend the Goode School. Only the best and brightest are selected. It’s not uncommon to see multigenerations of the same family become alumni, and it’s almost certain that graduates will have guaranteed slots in Ivy League…

DALLAS (AP) — Cartoonist Jim Davis is offering up more than 11,000 “Garfield” comic strips hand-drawn on paper in an auction that will stretch into the coming years, with at least a couple of strips featuring the always-hungry orange cat with a sardonic sense of humor available weekly.

I’ve visited Concord, Massachusetts, and stood outside Orchard House, the home where Louisa May Alcott grew up with her three sisters. Somewhere I still have a snapshot of me standing there in front of the two-story farmhouse.

Apparently, a film critic’s job description requires him or her to pick the best films of each year. A daunting challenge. Films work on many different levels for many different reasons. Best is at best a shifting term.