We love to see the soft side of tough guys. Therefore it’s a successful formula for action heroes to star in movies where they are babysitting kids. Nothing like seeing cute li’l kids getting the best of towering musclebound hulks. Yes, some big stars allow this self-deprecating humor in ret…

They say there are no new ideas, and “The Hunt” proves the point. If you’ve ever seen “The Most Dangerous Game” on Turner Classic Movies” you’ll know what I mean.

While we’re socially distancing ourselves because of the coronavirus, it’s a good time to watch some movies at home. Netflix and Amazon and the other streaming video services have a wide selection.

Yeah, yeah, I know Vin Diesel’s new superhero movie “Bloodshot” is based on a Valiant comic book of the same name. But for my money, as a former publisher of Marvel, I’d say it owes its pedigree to Captain America.

In “Bloodshot,” Vin Diesel is brought back from the dead to be a super soldier. This is called reanimation. It’s been a reoccurring theme in movies for nearly a century.

Shirrel Rhoades is a film critic and former media executive. He previously served as executive vice president of Marvel Entertainment and has produced several movies and documentaries. He was also a senior faculty member of New York University’s Center for Publishing. He lives in Key West, Florida, and Lake Lure, North Carolina. Contact him at srhoades@aol.com.

“The Way Back” is a film that Ben Affleck hopes will help him find the way back. His career has been going in drunken circles, pretty much like his life.

It’s a common trope for a moviegoer to quip “The book was better.” But sometimes a movie gets it right.

Last week we looked at dog movies. Needless to say, cat people now want their due.

Gotta admit I’m fond of a subgenre of romantic comedies that I like to call “The Battle of the Sexes.” You know, those ‘30s and ‘40s black-and-white comedies about a husband and wife being at odds, but coming to the conclusion that they really love each other by the time the screen flashes THE END.

We’ve speculated about the best dog movies of all time, but with the release of another movie version of Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild” we decided to revisit the subject, this time turning to the canine experts at the Dog Tag Art blog.

You’ve probably played the video game called “Sonic the Hedgehog.” In it, a big-eyed cartoon version of a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog (okay, he looks more like a cat to me) races about the screen, helping you advance the game play. Actually, there are three hedgehogs to choose from – Sonic…

Epicureans love movies about food. But which are the best of the best. There are a lot to choose from – ranging from the animalist food orgy in “Tom Jones” to the funny food fight in “Animal House” to the sumptuous “Babette’s Feast.”

One of the benefits when I consulted with DC Comics was free comic books. I started taking home an obscure little title called “Birds of Prey.” The drawings of sexy female supervillains would be collectible, I knew. Fanboys fantasize about Spandex-wearing women in comic books as if they were real.

Match your predictions of this year’s Academy Awards winners against your friends’. And mine.

Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected folk tales, which they published in two volumes called “Children’s and Household Tales.” You heard many of these cautionary stories as a child – “The Frog Prince,” “Rapunzel,” “Cinderella,” and “Hansel and Gretel,” among them.

Last week this column looked at actors who didn’t get along on the set. But what about actors and directors? That’s like asking lions and lambs to lie down together. Somebody’s going to get eaten.

Just because two actors share a movie doesn’t mean they’re best buds. Movie stars get hired for a lot of reasons, but one of them is not compatibility with other cast members.

With the release of “Bad Boys for Life,” we got to thinking about producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s long list of slam-bam, boom-boom blockbuster action movies. Internet Movie Database lists 110 films to his credit. But which are the best (meaning delivering the adrenaline rush that you expect fro…

As Father Time turns the clock hands to 2020, I got to thinking about the movies I’ve seen over the past decade. Which were the best?

I’ve visited Concord, Massachusetts, and stood outside Orchard House, the home where Louisa May Alcott grew up with her three sisters. Somewhere I still have a snapshot of me standing there in front of the two-story farmhouse.

Apparently, a film critic’s job description requires him or her to pick the best films of each year. A daunting challenge. Films work on many different levels for many different reasons. Best is at best a shifting term.

Jingle, bells. Jingle bells. It’s that time of year again – Christmas! A colorful swirl of sugar plums and light-strung fir trees and flying reindeer and glowing nativity scenes and fat, jolly old elves. And holiday movies to put us in the mood.

A movie like “Queen & Slim” conjures up memories of other outlaws-on-the-run flicks. Here are my Top 10 picks:

‘Tis the season, as they say. So, I’m thinking about quotes from some of my favorite Christmas movies.

Yes, “Ford v Ferrari” is a movie about automobile racing, but it is not exactly a racing movie — at least not in the sense of “Days of Thunder,” “Le Mans” or “Grand Prix.” It’s more of a buddy movie about a crazy entrepreneur and his irascible British pal, a pair hired by Henry Ford II to he…

With “Ford v Ferrari” burning rubber on movie screens, we got to thinking about racing films.

Most parents know by heart the words to “Let It Go,” that maddeningly popular song from Disney’s “Frozen.” That’s because their daughters replay the video over and over and over.

Cynical moviegoers are always saying, “The book was better than the film version.” That’s often because a book can go into so much more detail, or share internal thoughts, or dazzle you with the beauty of words.

“The Good Liar” is a new movie with Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren as a confidence man and his mark. It got us to thinking of other movies about swindlers, tricksters, hustlers, grifters and mountebanks.

Each year Netflix releases a number of original movies. Some of the streaming service’s films have been Oscar-winners. But which are the best ones?

Last week we looked at a Wall Street Journal list of the Top 10 worst screen presidents. Some readers have asked about “the other side of the coin” — who did WSJ pick as the 10 best screen presidents.

With impeachment proceedings being bandied about in Congress for a real-life U.S. president, we decided to come up with a list of the 10 worst movie presidents.

People are always asking me, “What are the best movies ever made?” That’s a difficult question to answer, depending on the criteria you use. That’s why you have this weekly column, getting my takes on the 10 best westerns, 10 best science-fiction movies, 10 best movies of Alfred Hitchcock, etc.

Talk about Walking Dead. In the original “Zombieland” movie, those undead ghouls didn’t shuffle along like senior citizens with arthritis; they ran like banshees … straight into Woody Harrelson’s baseball bat.

Charles Samuel Addams (he signed his art as Chas Addams but his friends called him Chill) was a New Yorker magazine contributor whose macabre Addams Family cartoons appeared in the magazine from 1938 to 1988. Addams was said to have been inspired by his hometown of Westfield, New Jersey, an …

Yes, the title is a play on the Beatles song. As fans of the Fab Four know, the title is a veiled reference to LSD. And while this new movie called “Lucy In the Sky” drifts into a drug-like madness, it doesn’t quite live up to its promise.

The Joker first appeared in a 1940 “Batman” comic book. This deranged villain was the creation of Bob Krane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson.