Two Greene County clubs scored first-place finishes in competitions at the state Junior Beta Club convention Nov. 18-20 in Nashville.

The Mosheim School Junior Beta Club was the winner in the apparel design competition. Chuckey-Doak Middle School’s club topped the poetry contest.

Held at the Opryland Hotel, more than 7,000 students from across the state competed in the areas of academic engineering, technology, clothing design, creative writing, poetry, living literature, photography, drawing, banner design and marketing presentation.

Mosheim’s club placed first in apparel design with a T-shirt that was designed by members Kinsley Ellenburg and Macy Ricker, according to a news release from the school.

In this competition, students had to develop a T-shirt design based on the theme for the convention, “Beta Fueling the Future.”

Each club created an original design and had the shirt professionally printed. Xpressions in Mosheim printed the shirts for the club.

The Mosheim shirt’s design focused on a tree with roots branching out into all parts of a globe. The roots symbolized the four pillars of Beta Club — character, achievement, leadership and service — and the leaves represented jobs of the future, according to the release.

“Our club included present jobs and jobs that do not exist yet but that we feel could exist at some point in the very near future,” said Club Advisor Jan Bible said. “The earth represented that we want to not just fuel the future of our small part of the world, but that we want to fuel the future of the global community.”

Chosen as one of the top eight entries, members of the Mosheim club were then interviewed by a panel of judges during the convention about their design. The Mosheim organization, which has been named a “Club of Distinction,” will be traveling to the national convention in Oklahoma City in June.

The Chuckey-Doak Middle Junior Beta Club took first place in the poetry competition with a poem written by eighth grader Kaytie Hoxie, according to a release from the school.

In the competition, students did not know the theme of the poem prior to the convention. The students were given the prompt at the beginning of the poetry competition and instructed to write a poem from that prompt on-site within a required time limit.

The prompt for the competition was “imagine you are trapped in a museum all night.” From that idea, Hoxie drafted a clever poem about a night of mixing elements between the various displays for fun:

“Lincoln’s famous hat

Atop a mummy’s head

Style is important,

Even if you’re dead!

The ice caps are melting

That’s terrible! Oh no!

Penguins in the Sahara

Without any snow!

Good old Washington

Crossing the Delaware

Now he’ll have to do it-

In just his underwear!

Joan of Ark?

That’s who’s over there?

See I was just think’n,

Could I braid her hair?

That 12 ft crocodile

Is quite the handsome fellow.

But wouldn’t he look better

If I painted him bright yellow?

Everything is perfect,

My naughty work is done.

Things are the way I like it

Just in time for the rising sun.”

— Kaytie Hoxie

Hoxie is the eighth-grade president of the C-DMS Beta Club, and her teachers describe her as embodying all the principles of Beta: achievement, character, leadership and service.

C-DMS Club sponsors Angie Tipton and Anna Renner said they were proud of the club members. “They spend weeks preparing for the convention and always take away so much from the experience,” Tipton and Renner said. “Our students see that they can compete with the best in Tennessee.”