Over 120 Tusculum University employees joined together Tuesday morning to clean up campus housing in preparation for summer events.

Employees from every department were represented, from faculty and staff, to college deans and a member of the Board of Trustees.

"We just came together to support our maintenance crew get things clean," said Chairman of the Board Dr. Greg Nelson. "This just goes to show how much pride we have here at Tusculum University."

Tusculum began facilitating the cleaning day last spring at the request of the president's administrative assistant. Volunteers cleaned bathrooms and kitchen areas before in an effort to help the maintenance crew get ahead of its long list of to-dos.

During the summer, Tusculum University will be welcoming residents for the "TRIO" programs, which are federal outreach and student services programs for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Camps will include Upward Bound, designed to help students succeed in high school while preparing them for college.

The university will also be offering an on-campus experience for prospective students.