Music, photography, painting and pottery: Each of these trades, and more, are represented at the Greene County Makers social gatherings every other Thursday at Firehouse Glass Studio.

The “makers,” as they call themselves, have a vision to provide a space for local artisans to come and create whatever it is they want.

“I’m all about hearing organic ideas,” said Ferris Ellis, president of the organization. “Let’s hear what your ideas are, and then let’s see how we can make it happen.”

The end-goal for the makers is to buy or rent a building and fully equip it with the tools and spaces needed to create different mediums of art.

So far, the makers want to see a recording studio, pottery space, commercial kitchen, space for robotics and painting and pottery studios in the building.

“We want to take all of our skills and put them in a cauldron,” said Vice President Pete Higgins. “We want to bridge art with electronics and construction and anything else that people want to do.”

According to Ellis, the two core tenants of the organization are space and community. The makers have accomplished the community aspect by hosting biweekly social gatherings at Firehouse Glass Studio, owned by Mark Russell.

The largest gathering was the “Throw and Blow and Roll” event on May 11, where over 30 people gathered to watch and learn the art of glassblowing, pottery turning and print rolling.

“What was great about that event was that the artists let you see how to do it and even try it out,” said Higgins.

While the makers have appreciated meeting at Firehouse Glass Studio, they long to have a space of their own.

“So far it’s been an informal gathering of makers,” said Higgins. “We really need a home.”

Once the Greene County Makers have a building, they hope to involve local schools in order to teach students about the possibilities of creating.

“I haven’t really seen anything where people can be together and create,” said Ellis. “We want it to be a space for everyone, and we want people to know there is a creative group out there. I’m hopeful that people will see the potential and find interest.”

The next makers’ social gathering will be in conjunction with the Greeneville Arts Council on Thursday at 6 p.m. The Firehall Glass Studio will be hosting the council’s FurnARTture Auction.

“We want to get the community interested in ‘making,’” said Higgins. “We want to involve the public at large, to teach and explain and share what we do.”

For more information on the Greene County Makers, visit and join the mailing list.