April 3

Roger Allen Kelley to Dixie Charlene Johnson Miller, both of 3265 Newport Highway;

Harold George McCall Jr., 3219 Charlie Doty Road, to Catrina Renee Isley, 391 Isley Lane;

April 9

Patrick Cole Rigney to Blaine Joseph Bryant, both of 1211 Sun Valley Drive;

Chasity Yvonne Blazer to Jerry Lynn Williams, both of 1824 Elmer Hayes Road, Mosheim;

Jerry Wayne Pollard, 652 Waterstone Circle, to Patrick Mink, 303 W. Holston Ave., Johnson City;

Lyndon Josiah Blake Gallimore, 3190 Houston Valley Road, to Giovanna Vanucchi, 11808 Blandfield St., Henrico, Virginia

April 13

Alison Nicole Campbell to Scott Allen Alcantara, both of 500 Cedar Creek Cave

April 14

Bradley Jordan Ricker to Amy Marie Greene, both of 855 Wisecarver Road, Mosheim;

Ethan Edward Metcalf, 215 Ricker Ave., to Brittany Dawn Hensley, 301 Sevier Ave.;

Justin Downs to Clara Story Story, both of 855 Old Stage Road;

Travis Blake Beck to Whitney Leann Castle, both of 120 Holston Terrace, Rogersville

April 15

Mary Alice Wilson to Bobby Dwight Love, both of 3390 Buckingham Road

April 16

Barbara Lue Cavin, 2176 Gap Mountain Road, to Larry Russell Cavin, 5843 Stardust Road, Kingsport;

Victoria Elizabeth Spencer to Mason Blevins Ailstock, both of 2160 Kenneytown Road

April 17

Joseph Gregory to Holli Dunn, both of 585 Peters Lane, Afton

April 20

Todd Franklin Stovers to Teresa Jean Barrett McMurray, both of 30 Carpenters Chapel Road, Mosheim

April 21

Sarah Palmerlee Etter to Jeffery Arland Hinkle, both of 316 Bird Circle

April 22

Harold Arthur Smith to Erin Denise Erker Erker-Enderle, both of 3870 Marvin Road, Bulls Gap;

Taylor Alexis Tipton to Willie Franklin Stamey Jr., both of 840 John Bird Road, Afton

April 23

Nancy Rebecca Mullis to David Allen Mullis, both of 165 Patton Lane, Limestone

April 24

Anthony Shane Macchione-Johnson to Shylaa Janis Rose Irvine, both of 209 Old Kentucky Road W.

April 27

Janet Vera Cox Burch, 11691 Newport Highway, to Daniel Gerald Hubbard, 4 W. Point Circle, Englewood, Florida

April 28

Buffey Gail Preciado to Johnny Steven Rogers, both of 399 Carr Lane S., Fall Branch;

Codey Lynn Lawson to Cortney Michelle Marshall, both of 126 Lakeshore Park

April 29

Dawson Walter Berryhill to Carrie Ann Smith, both of 1435 Carters Valley Road, Mosheim;

Matthew Bronson King, 110 E. Point Trace, to Kelsie Elizabeth Cox, 220 New Hope Road;

Kristy Lynnette Hensley to Jason David Lee, both of 1425 W. Main St.

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