Marriage licenses issued in February:

March 2

Gary Lynn Shetley, 3195 Old Kentuckey Road S., to Shirley Ann Griffey Orr, 6152 NC 208 Highway, Marshall, North Carolina;

March 4

Joshua Harlan Jackson, 760 Red Hill Road, to Hope Natasha Castle Johnson, 113 Indian Hills Circle;

March 5

Larry Glenn Evans, 1122 Oasis Road, Bulls Gap, to Jessica Ruth Rosenbalm, 150 Miller Way, Midway;

March 6

Brian Robertson to Cori Lyn Feinberg Menkes, both of 110 Heather Lane;

Brandon Morgan Kenney to Amanda Blake Love, both of 120 Indian Hills Drive;

Stacy Lynn Gray, 325 Old Erwin Highway, to Megan Katherine Gilbert, 3536 Kelley Gap Road;

Aeril Nicole Henley Henley to Brent Allan Hensley, both of 1136 Bewleys Chapel Road, Midway;

March 9

Timothy Micheal McCravey to Sabrina Michelle Briggs Banks, both of 754 Stone Dam Road, Chuckey;

Jody Dakota Bussiere to Desiree Castiglione, both of 1000 Kite Road;

Travis James Slate to Barbara Ann Orr, both of 336 Highland Ave.;

March 11

Larry Douglas Manuel Jr. to Tammy Sue McCann McCann, both of 28 Bird Drive;

William Michael Wilson, 330 Dominique Lane, to Shakeena Keesha Wells, 103 Haney Alley;

Austin Rusty Moore to Brooke Ginger Nance Carter, both of 275 DeBusk Road;

Lonnie Dale Bowman, 1470 Redgate Road, to Stacy Jolyn Sopshier Marion, 215 Radford Drive;

March 12

Patrick Alan Johnston, 120 Joe Johnston Lane, to Ashley Victoria Saults Rutledge, 424 Roaring Creek Road, Chuckey;

Susan Marie McClain, 4256 Rheatown Road, Chuckey, to Nathan Allen Drake, 55 Camelot Lane;

March 13

Derek Eldon Ottinger to Darla Lee Jacobs Lipton, both of 100 Hickory Drive;

John William Parks to Brenda Marie Schneider, both of 5900 Newport Highway;

March 14

Dakota Bryson Cox, 2995 Marvin Road, Mosheim, to Sarah Joann Warren, 1955 Elmer Hayes Road, Mosheim;

March 17

Seth Jackson Wilhoit, 520 Rolling Hills Road, to Mariah Paige Roach, 5944 Mt. Carmel Road, Bulls Gap;

Connor Lucas Waters, 2660 Doty Chapel Road, Afton, to Macy Colleen McNeese, 10775 Horton Highway;

Ethan Jarrett Potter to Carolyn Elizabeth Lacus Lopez, both of 409 E. Church St.;

March 18

Justus Samuel Stewart, 205 Sevier Ave., to Kacey Elizabeth Bowlin, 2046 Stone Dam Road, Chuckey;

Michael Ray Rogers Jr. to Abigail Varughese, both of 308 Park St.;

Neil Ryan North to Navaeh Jade Parton, both of 93 Indian Hills Circle;

March 19

Timothy Mark Anderson, 2205 Holly Creek Road, to Lisa Ann McGhee Short, 2060 Nelse Roberts Road, Chuckey;

Joshua Eric Henry, 5375 McDonald Road, Mohawk, to Cara Beth Murrell, 1370 Little Chuckey Road, Midway;

Lindsay Taylor McArthur, 157 Shepherd Sergent Road, Cumberland, Kentucky, to Mathew Allen Hunter, 840 Welcome Grove Road, Mosheim;

Victoria Lynn Arrington, 4342 Old Asheville Highway, to James Zachery Frye, 110 Blue Springs Road, Mohawk;

March 23

Lisa Renee Hooks, 608 W. Main St., to Jeffrey Scott White, 11050 Baileyton Road;

March 31

April Ricker to Richard Humphreys, both of 1080 Kiser Boulevard;

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