Sept 1

Reesa Lee Sauceman, 85 Flea Ridge Road, Mohawk, to Shawn Michael Dockery, 1946 Snapps Ferry Road;

Nicholas Cain McElroy, 340 Schofield Drive, to April Dawn Ealey, 2090 Union Road;

Sept 3

Terry Nicholas Seay, 102 Katie Court, Jonesborough, to Hope Ann Myers, 234 Chuckey Ruritan Road N., Chuckey;

Sept 4

William Jerry Cutshaw, 485 Olivet Mountain Road, to Shawna Laigh Miller Meade, 10210 Warrensburg Road, Midway;

Manuel Antonio Rodriguez, 160 Fellers Cove, Mosheim, to Constance Joy Rostorfer, 618 9th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minneasota;

Nicholas Allen Humphreys to Andrea Michael Nicole Weaver, both of 7020 Snapps Ferry Road, Afton;

Daniel Alan Jennings, 45 Raders Sidetrack Road, to Victoria Rana Scott, 426 Ted Weems Road;

Sept 8

Wyatt William Wilson to Shelby Lynn Bice, both of 1701 Brentwood Drive;

Francis Canna III to Cheyanne Lynne Waxman, both of 154 Moonlight Court, Midway;

conley Dewayne Ball, 525 Crescent Drive, to Shasta Nichole Darnell, 86 Kilday Park;

Paul Anthony Painter, 205 Farmington Drive, to Jamie Lee Homsted Rogers, 35 Kelliher St., Glenburn, Maine;

Sept 9

Jacob Aaron Thompson, 3555 Afton Road, Afton, to Makayla Danielle Bailey, 330 Bill Jones Road, Afton;

Terry Lynn Hinkle, 85 Clay Way, to Erica Lynn McDade, 725 Oak Hills Road, Mosheim;

Sept 10

George Robert Scott to Hannah Elizabeth Sick, both of 225 Reed Ave.;

Steven Michael Massengill, 1206 Taylor Bridge Road, Jonesborough, to Amber Zue Brobeck, 122 Powell St.;

Neil Garrett Campbell to Courtney Nichole Hyatt, both of 100 S. Rufe Taylor Road;

Sept 11

Darell Lynn Taylor to Sirena Stapleton Moody, both of 131 Taylor Road, Jonesborough;

Mary Elizabeth Canter Canter to Corey Howard, both of 72 Trails End Lane;

Sept 14

Jeremy Michael Dahlquist to Shelby Annette Avera, both of 8670 Lonesome Pine Trail, Mosheim;

Tristan Michael Brewer, 2050 Democrat Road, Mohawk, to Shirley Briann Collins Cruz, 313 E. Converse St., Morristown;

Kristopher Leau Alston Williams, 319 Mt. Bethel Road, to Leah Rae Brooks, 811 W. Main St.;

John David Cain Jr. to Deanna Lynn Greer, both of 200 Lakeshore Drive;

Jacob Ketron Weems, 630 Ray Casteel Road, to Kaylee Ann Kensley, 10959 Asheville Highway;

Charles Anthony Haynes to Lyda Beth Evans, both of 425 Willoughby Road, Bulls Gap;

Sept 17

Terry Allan Renner, 150 Carlton Ridge Lane, to Judy Ann Lowery Renner, 110 Holston Drive, Mosheim;

Dylan Shayne Tesnear to Paige Raeann West, both of 685 Old Stage Road;

Jason Howard Cutshaw to Heather Lee Armstrong Bauserman, both of 9825 107 Cutoff;

Amos Eli Kesterson, 1840 Carperters Chapel Road, Mosheim, to Kayla Kristine Landers, 7830 Warrensburg Road, Mosheim;

Sept 18

Jacob Clay Walker to Kera Leann Ramey, both of 865 Barren Valley Road, Chuckey;

Kaylee Michele Brown Valentine, 75 Woodberry Lane, Mosheim, to Justin Lee Aaron Fincher, 1735 Old Kentucky Road W., Mosheim;

David Willis Worley to Jalissa Rae Winter, both of 189 W. Allen Bridge Road;

Sept 21

Lindsay Marie Wilburn, 560 Afton Road, Afton, to David Andrew Norton, 277 C.D. Williams Road, Telford;

Elizabeth Ann Kenney to Randy Jonalan Barlow, both of 1551 Old Jonesboro Road, Chuckey;

Sept 22

Luther William Malone to Lisa Lorraine Sauceman Foulks, both of 25 Circling Lane, Chuckey;

Sept 23

Ralph Reams Jr. to Emily Mae Jones McCravey, both of 240 Peach Orchard Road;

Carl F. Rodenberg, 4001 Rodenberg Ave., Evansville, Indiana, to Kristy Marie Phipps, 3315 Bellemead Ave., Evansville, Indiana;

Sept 24

Michael Joe Orrey to Ashlyn Paige Tarlton, both of 605 S. Lake St.;

Briana Kendra Ashani McDonald to Ivan Wildermar Hogans II, both of 885 Old Stage Road;

Sept 25

Sydney Diane Marshall to Duncan Alexander Gregory, both of 2120 Chuckey Highway, Chuckey;

Cody Allen Smith to Briana Gay Patterson, both of 7782 Blue Springs Parkway, Mosheim;

Justin Ross Hensley to Amanda Dawn Huffman Morgan, both of 286 Dude Lane, Bulls Gap;

Charles Lewis Johnson to Renee Nicole Ramsey, both of 320 Raders Sidetrack Road;

Laura Michelle Vanderlight, 110 Songbird Drive, to Kevin Lee Brown, 1435 Bailey Bridge Road, Limestone;

Corey Lynn Smith to Hannah Mae Lowery, both of 130 W. Hills Drive, Mosheim;

Sept 26

Elias Micah Scott, 75 Wright Road, Bulls Gap, to Emily Brooke Inman, 744 Musterfield Road, Newport;

Sept 28

Colton Ty Smith, 318 Pine St., to Lindsey Nicole Sane, 304 Kirk Drive;

Gavin Seth Hawkins, 65 Old Shiloh Road, to Kristen Marie Holt, 1630 St. James Road;

Sept 29

Tyler James Hall to Sabrina Katherine Follmer, both of 1424 Pisgan Road;

Kelly Renee Collins Holt, 9940 107 Cutoff, to Timothy Eugne Tarlton, 450 Tarlton Circle;

Sept 30

Wayne Douglas Rose Jr., 2085 Afton Road, Afton, to Mary Christine Pruitt, 2420 Sunnydale Road;

Ronny Bryan Bible to Leslie Joan Foshie Foshie, both of 41 Springbrook Park;

Jessica Dawn Willett Willett to Michael Gene Belt, both of 1600 Middle Creek Road, Afton;

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