Marriage licenses issued at the Greene County Clerk’s office include:

May 1

Dyllan Patrick Michael Newton, 50 McAmis Road, to Bridget Starr Light, 16010 Horton Highway, Chuckey;

Amy Michelle Anderson Anderson, 295 Goddard Drive, to Jessica Lynn Mould Gregg, 17 Charles St.;

Christian Ryan Parvin, 1646 Erwin Highway, to Jennifer Lynn Williams, 412 N. Main St.;

May 2

Holden Allen Shelton to Morgan Leighann Lane, both of 216 Anderson Loop

May 3

Joseph Martin Swatzell to April Susan Hawk, both of 20 Vault Hill;

Heath Lynn Feezell, 5630 Kingsport Highway, Afton, to Rhnea Lee Garland, 680 Crum Circle;

Donnie Ray Morgan to Debra Kay Rednour, both of 4473 Asheville Highway;

Bryant Jackson Gross, 535 Bishop Loop, to Pamela Ann Wingo, 202 Laurel St.;

May 7

Curtis Anthony Delph to Tosha Leann Pryor, both of 240 Craft Springs Road;

May 8

Emily Michelle Meade Laight to Douglas Harold Weller, both of 305 River Bend Road;

Brad Matthew Akins, 105 Dykes Hill Road, Limestone, to Rebecca Dawn Williams, 85 Dykes Hill Road, Limestone;

May 9

Timothy Richard Allen to Melissa Sue Eidson Holt, both of 315 Wheeler Road, Bulls Gap;

Courtney Christian Davis, 117 Perry Bend Circle, Easley, South Carolina, to William Thomas Taylor Jr., 101 Deer Wood, Easley, South Carolina;

May 10

Edgar Lynn Nicodemus Jr., 186 Gibson Road, to Jana Charlene Nease, 3725 Newport Highway;

Bobby Jameson Nease, 24 Center St. E., to Lindsey Marie Vaughn Rivers, 427 Britton Ave.;

May 11

Caleb Niles Ward to Haley Mae Riddle, both of 25 Faulkner Road, Chuckey;

May 13

Elizabeth Rebecca Dewey-Vogt Dewey-Vogt to James Ernest Matyk, both of 460 Quillen Shell Road;

Lucas Bradden Riddle to Cassi Mae Karan Jennings, both of 575 Shelton Mission Road;

May 14

Dewey Kyle Fields to Barbara Ann McNeil Road, both of 1825 Van Hill Road;

Joshua Dwayne Campbell, 1700 W. Elk Ave., Elizabethton, to Kelly Renee Waldrop Foulks, 1427 Millers Chapel Road;

May 15

William Allen Bowers, 1503 W. Main St., to Anna Brooke Malone Bowers, 3260 Asheville Highway;

May 16

Jeffrey Brandon Tweed, 104 Skyview Drive, to Megan Renee Miller, 2016 Old Tusculum Road;

David John Johnson to Lisa Marie Gatch Rushton, 430 107 Cutoff, Afton;

Jesse Dwayne Coleman, 134 Cox Circle, to Megan Elizabeth Denney McGhee, 405 Sunnyside Loop;

May 17

Randy Lee Dingus, 2789 Kingsport Highway, to Brittany Nicole Hensley, 1230 Pates Hill Road, Mosheim;

Jason David Misener to Stevi Michelle King, both of 206 Linda St.;

Christopher Gordon Gill to Jamie Carol Rollins, both of 630 Lonesome Road, Midway;

Nestor Alexis Nunez Mundo to Arely Sanchez, both of 119 Chapel St.;

Kristopher James Allen Beach to Heather Diane Gibson, both of 18 Shady Rest Cove;

Kevin Lee Deibler Jr. to Suzan Paulene Allen Sentelle, both of 185 Elmer Hays Road, Mosheim;

May 18

Yul Elliot to Leslie Anne Waits, both of 402 Mt. Bethel Road;

Jeffrey Thomas Perry, 2655 Kelley Gap Road, to Katie Jean Sweeney, 1925 Charles St., Lafayette, Indiana;

Curtis Earn Castle, 170 Grove Park Drive, Bristol, to Miranda Charlene Ervin, 2500 Mt. Carmel Road, Mosheim;

William Morgan Barr to Caroline Roberts Lodge, both of 1106 Euclid Ave., Charlotte, North Carolina;

May 20

Cameron Clark Spradlin to Valerie Anne Boesch Youmans, both of 1300 Flag Branch Road;

May 21

Cordney Duran Parker to Christina Annie Sue Chrisman, both of 717 Forest St.;

Bryan Zachary Crum, 65 Katherine Lane, to Brittany Nichole Bailey, 100 Plainview Heights Circle;

James Daniel Lamb to Brandy Sue Duby Chapman, both of 3158 Highway 107, Chuckey;

May 24

Charlotte Joan Evans Evans-Clark to Whitney Shandal Nicole Thornburg, both of 105 Shanks Park, Afton;

William Russell Buckner, 156 Buckingham Court, to Sharon Michelle Bible, 853 Fowlers Ridge Road, Newport;

May 28

Cornelius Thomas Robinson to Mildred Michelle Proffitt, 1287 Lower Flat Creek, Alexander, North Carolina;

Bryant Allen Renner, 125 Stone Dam Road, Afton, to Sydney Gabrielle McNeese, 240 Mayor Ave.;

May 29

Randy Jack Harmon to Tanya Elizabeth Wykle, both of 510 Ebenezer Loop, Chuckey;

Czeslaw Theseus Smalkowski III to Jamie Eileen Babb, both of 819 Dashaway Road, Chuckey;

Matthew Dean Fillers to Charity Grace Jones, both of 761 Swanay Road, Limestone;

May 30

Kyle James Horner to Michelle Joy Marsh Hopkins, both of 110 Sunrise Drive;

Michael Shane Lowe, 795 Bear Hollow Road, to Leslie Diane Seaton Rocel, 103 Choctaw Lane;

Jonathan David Colyer, 8075 107 Cutoff, to Rachel Renee Warren, 129 Dinwiddie Road, Chuckey;

Amy Lee Burgess Frye to Rachel Ladawn Harrison, both of 40 Cherokee Blvd.;

May 31

Nicholi William Kussman, 215 Dorothy Circle, Limestone, to Sara Nichole Jones Edwards, 349 Lester Snapp Road, Limestone;

McKinley Kaalyn Cutshaw, 1450 McCoy Road, to Danielle Victoria Ricker, 1945 Sentelle Road; and

George Owen Parrish to Beverly Ann Duncan Seay, both of 106 Whispering Meadows Drive, Campbellsville, Kentucky.

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