Tennessee did not fare well, in hipster terms, in a new ranking that purports to identify the 150 most hipster-friendly cities in the United States.

LawnStarter.com ranked 2021’s “Best Cities for Hipsters” by comparing, a press release says, the 150 biggest U.S. cities on 23 “anti-mainstream factors,” including the number of thrift stores, farmers markets, and record stores, plus urban gardening- and biking-friendliness.

Not a single Tennessee city made the top 10, and one, Memphis, ranked near the bottom: 148 out of 150, spotlighting it as one of this year’s worst cities for hipsters.

California, unsurprisingly, was much more hipster-friendly than Tennessee cities, at least according to the ranking.

San Francisco ranked at #1, with Oakland and Huntington Beach also in the top 10.

Texas performed on the farther end of the scale. The highest-ranked Texas city for hipsters on the list is Austin, “once popular among hipsters but now a yuppie and tech hotbed” according to the press release, It came in at 64. At the dead last spot on the list is the Texas city of Amarillo.

And just what is a hipster, some may ask?

According to the online Urban Dictionary, the following characterizes a hipster:

“Hipsters pride themselves on liking things that no one else likes, and normally only really like them because they think no one else likes them and that they’re being unique. This is being delusional because all the other hipsters also like the same things.”

Or as a line from an old John Hartford line puts it: “What’s the difference being different when it’s difference now that looks alike?”