An Afton man who allegedly created a disturbance Thursday afternoon in Walmart was charged by Greeneville police with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. Corey J. Sims, 27, of 85 Falcons Nest, was allegedly “causing issues” at the customer service desk and refusing to leave the store, Officer Megan Tomblin said in a report. A manager told police that Sims was upset because the store would not refund money for a crossbow Sims claimed was purchased there. Sims was told that weapons are not refundable. He allegedly was also “soliciting to sell the weapon to customers walking by,” the report said. Sims was escorted outside by police, who explained how a trespass order works. He allegedly responded with obscenities and didn’t comply with requests to leave the property, the report said. Sims was held on bond pending a first scheduled appearance Friday in court.

Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the theft of money from a bank account “hacked” by a suspect named in the report. The victim told deputies she was an inmate in the Greene County Workhouse Annex between March 11 and Sept. 3 and became friends with another inmate. When that inmate was released, the victim allowed her to take her cellphone from jail property after having another friend wipe the phone contents remotely, Deputy Luke Fields said in a report. After the victim was released from jail, she discovered her bank account had been hacked and used during the time she was incarcerated. Money transfers were made and a debit card obtained in her name from a bank in Florida. The debit card was sent to the Florida address of the mother of the suspect’s boyfriend. It had been used since July to make purchases and ATM withdrawals, the report said. The suspect “was not given permission to use the account and (she) must have used stolen information off of the cell phone to hack into the online bank account,” the report said. At least $1,580 was taken from the account.

A Mohawk woman was swindled out of $1,999 in a phone scam, sheriffs Deputy Luke Fields said in a report. The scam happened last week and was reported Tuesday by a relative. The victim was called on Sept. 2 by a man using a New York City area code stating he was from Publishers Clearing House. He told her she won cash but needed to send some money to Publishers Clearing House “for the process to begin,” a report said. The victim was convinced the call was legitimate. She purchased a prepaid card for $499 and gave the man the information. On Sept. 3, the victim was contacted again by the man, who instructed her to purchase three $500 money orders and send them to a woman in California. On Sept. 6, the victim was contacted again and told she “needed now to send him $13,000 to pay the tax percentage of the $2.8 million dollars they had won,” the report said. The victim’s relative had learned of the scam by Sept. 6 and told her not to answer the phone or send additional money, the report said. Investigation showed the woman who received the money orders in California had recently lived in New York City.