A large hole in the ceiling of a Greeneville motel room, apparently the result of vandalism, led to police investigation Saturday and to charges against a man in an adjacent room. Police had been at the Andrew Johnson Inn regarding a different matter, and were asked by motel management to investigate a hole through a ceiling that allowed access to the motel attic. A witness told them that a man not present at that time had grown marijuana in the room and had been told to leave by the motel management. They learned that an adjacent room also had access to the attic, and in that room discovered Jeffery Hinkle, 27, of Haney Park. After GPD confirmed there were outstanding warrants against Hinkle, he was placed in custody on violation of probation and failure-to-appear charges, with a court appearance set for today.

A Bandy Road man reported to police Saturday that someone stole a 5’ by 8’ white box trailer from his driveway, apparently sometime after 4:30 p.m. Friday. The victim estimates the trailer’s value at $600, and told an officer he did not know who might have taken it. It is described as having Wells Fargo stickers on its side, and a swing-out rear door.

Cody Swatzell, 35, of Newport, was arrested Friday after 9 p.m. when a woman told police he had choked her in a Greene County motel room bathroom. Swatzell, when found in a different room in the same motel, denied the accusation but was taken to the Greene County Detention Center pending a court appearance today, in part due to scratch marks visible on the woman’s neck, noticed by the investigating officer.