Matthew Aaron Gentz, 33, of Troy, South Carolina, was charged Thursday afternoon by sheriff’s deputies with felony evading arrest. A deputy patrolling about 1:30 p.m. Thursday on Union Chapel Road saw “a dirt bike wreck on a curve,” Deputy Eric Cutshall said in a report. The motorcycle did not have a registration tag. Gentz, the driver, left the scene at a high rate of speed. The motorcycle was pursued for about 8 miles by a patrol car with lights and siren activated before stopping on Greystone Road, the report said. Gentz was held on bond pending a first scheduled appearance Friday in court.

Rebecca L. Lingle, 23, of 150 Liberty Way, was charged Thursday morning with domestic assault by Greeneville police. The alleged victim met officers in the driveway of the address and told them that Lingle “was violently destroying stuff inside the house,” Officer Jacob Sasscer said in a report. Police had been at the house on another call earlier Thursday morning. No damage was observed. Officers on the second call found broken glass, overturned furniture and holes in the walls. The alleged victim told police he was afraid for his safety. Lingle was held without bond pending a first scheduled appearance Friday in court.

Charles A. Arrington Jr., 32, of Tarlton Circle, was charged Thursday night by sheriff’s deputies with domestic assault at the address. The alleged victim told deputies that Arrington became angry when her phone rang and threw her against a bookshelf and then to the ground. The alleged victim had bruises and abrasions on her neck, back, knees and elbow, Deputy Ryan Caron said in a report. Arrington allegedly tried to run out the back door of the house but was blocked by a deputy. He again tried to flee but was taken into custody. Arrington was held without bond pending a first scheduled appearance Friday in court.

A check made out to the U.S. Treasury Department for $12,125 was stolen between Wednesday night and Thursday from a Rambling Court mailbox, Greeneville police Officer Brandon Ricker said in a report. The victim told police he placed the check in the mailbox on Wednesday and put the flag on it up. On Thursday, the flag was down and the check was gone, the report said. The U.S. Postal Service told the victim it had not picked up the check. A stop was placed on the check with the victim’s bank.

A cow horn, four televisions, rifle and other possessions were stolen in the burglary of a house in the 200 block of Old Cemetery Road, sheriff’s Deputy Brittany Willett said in a report. The burglary was discovered Thursday. A crowbar was found next to a door to the house, the report said. The stolen items have a combined value of about $5,600.

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