Brent A. Colyer, 26, of 60 Sequoia Trail, was charged about 5:50 p.m. Tuesday by Greeneville police with possession of a Schedule IV drug and public intoxication. Police responded to a call about a possibly intoxicated man walking in the 1500 block of Snapps Ferry Road. Colyer was located near Hillcrest Drive. He had slurred speech and was “at times speaking incoherently,” Officer Anthony Thomas said in a report. Colyer allegedly admitted to using methamphetamine the day before. One glass pipe was found in a pocket and another in Colyer’s sock. Found in another pocket were two suspected Clonazepam pills and part of a suspected Suboxone pill. Colyer was held on bond pending a first scheduled appearance Wednesday in court.

A barn owner confronted a man stripping wood off the building about 5 p.m. Wednesday on Gap Creek Road, sheriff’s Deputy Chad Moore said in a report. The barn owner told deputies he went to the property and saw a man about 50 years old taking wood off the barn. The man told the victim that he was tearing the barn down for the owner, “which was false,” the report said. The suspect refused to give the barn owner his name. He was driving a pickup truck described in the report. The victim gave deputies the registration tag number on the truck, which the suspect drove away in down Marvin Road. The barn wood is valued at $3,000.

A miter saw, impact wrench and other tools were stolen Wednesday from a carport in the 4100 block of Warrensburg Road, sheriff’s Deputy Adam Weems said in a report. The tools were on a workbench in the carport. The victim told deputies that three people in a car described in the report followed him home from a store recently and the driver made hand gestures toward him “in an aggressive manner.” The miter saw and other tools have a combined value of about $650.

Three juveniles were seen about 9 p.m. Wednesday breaking into a house in the 300 block of Mohawk Creek Road, sheriff’s Deputy Luke Fields said in a report. Deputies went to the address and cleared the house. A relative of the owner said he saw three people earlier walking on Mohawk Creek Road toward the house. He recognized them as juveniles who live nearby, the report said. The back door of the house was forced open. The man who called deputies said he saw one juvenile outside the house and found two others inside and told them he had called the police, the report said. Nothing was apparently taken. Door damage totals $250.

Ryan D. Humphreys, 36, of 4089 Blue Springs Parkway, was charged Tuesday morning by Greeneville police with possession of a Schedule II drug and public intoxication. Police were called shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday to Lee’s Food Mart, 1650 E. Andrew Johnson Highway, after Humphreys was seen asleep in his vehicle in the store parking lot. The motor of the vehicle was running, Officer Louis Calobrisi said in a report. Humphreys was “sweating profusely, exhibiting extreme lethargy” and had difficulty coordinating body movements, the report said. Humphreys was placed under arrest for public intoxication. A small amount of methamphetamine was found in one of his pockets. Humphreys was held on bond pending a first scheduled appearance Wednesday in court.

A table saw and other possessions were stolen Tuesday morning from a garage in the 900 block of Hartman Lane, sheriff’s Deputy Dalton Balthazr said in a report. The victim told deputies that while he was at a Greeneville business last week discussing home repairs with an employee, a customer who overheard the conversation approached and said he could help. The man later came over to his house expressed interest in buying a table saw in the garage. The man allegedly bought a wrong part for the repair work and never returned with the correct part or money he was given to purchase it, the report said. The homeowner was away from the house Tuesday morning. When he returned, the garage lights were on and the table saw was missing, along with other power saws, a welder, a chain saw, weed trimmer and other possessions. The value of the stolen items exceeds $2,800.

A generator was stolen between Sunday and Tuesday from a house in the first block of Horton Highway, sheriff’s Deputy Dillan Taylor said in a report. The victim lives across the street from the house where the generator was stored. The Predator-brand generator is valued at $900.