William B. Marshall, 23, of 1244 Brooke Drive, was charged Friday night by Greeneville police with aggravated assault, possession of a legend drug without a prescription and driving on a revoked license. Marshall was also served an arrest warrant for violation of a court order of protection, Officer Burton Ellis said in a report. Police responded to a disturbance in the 200 block of North College Street and spoke with the alleged victim and the person who called in the complaint. The woman had tried to get into a vehicle driven by Marshall and he attempted to run her over, the report said. Marshall then threatened her and another person with harm, the report said. The woman had marks on her neck and her shirt was torn. Police also determined an order of protection for the woman was issued earlier in Greene County. Four Amoxicillin pills and four kinds of legend drugs were found on Marshall, who was taken into custody after the complaint was filed. He did not have a prescription for three of the drugs, the report said. Marshall was also found to have a revoked driver’s license. He was held without bond and has a first scheduled appearance Monday in court.

Jake A. Broyles, 21, of 241 Bedford Circle, was charged Friday night by Greeneville police with two counts of domestic assault in connection with an incident at the Bedford Circle address. Broyles became violent when confronted about being intoxicated and keeping moonshine in the house, Officer Kristina St. Laurent said in a report. Broyles punched a basement wall and started “posturing aggressively” before making threats to harm the alleged victims, the report said. One person was struck and her glasses were knocked off her face. She did not require medical attention. Broyles was held without bond pending a first scheduled appearance Monday in court.

A former employee of a Greeneville business made unauthorized purchases with a company credit card, police Officer Hal Adair said in a report. Two charges totaling $62 on the Westown Florist account were made Friday at Greeneville service stations, a report filed Saturday said. A suspect is named in the report. The credit card was recovered, the report said.{&end}

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