The Greeneville Municipal Airport Authority approved an agreement for pollution control insurance at its meeting Wednesday.

The insurance will cost about $9,600 for three years of coverage.

The purpose of the pollution control insurance is to provide the airport financial protection if there were ever to be a fuel spill at the the airport that flowed off the tarmac and onto permeable ground. The insurance would help cover the cost of the cleanup.

Previously, the airport did not have any environmental insurance. However, the Airport Authority recently approved the leasing of fuel trucks, which increased the risk of a possible spill.

The airport will start by leasing just one 3,000 gallon jet fuel truck for about $1,500 a month on a three year pay-to-own lease.

Town of Greeneville City Administrator Todd Smith recommended that the airport have the insurance in case of an accidental spill.

The authority was not particularly excited about the idea of having to spend money on the insurance, but agreed that it was necessary as a precaution.

“If you do have an environmental spill it is not cheap to clean up,” Airport Authority Chairman Jeff Hollett said. “I have seen some clean-ups that cost over $80,000. If the city recommends it then I think we should get it.”

“It’s expensive, but it is what it is,” Airport Authority member Jimmy Collins.

The insurance was originally going to cost over $10,000 for the three-year term, but the price dropped after Airport Manager Steven Neeson communicated that he would only lease one truck instead of two.

The price of the insurance decreased with only one fuel truck leased.

The authority also discussed the possibility of having a special lower fuel price for their self-serve fuel service to advertise and get people interested in the service.

The self-service station had its first full month of use in December.

The self-service fuel station allows aviators to refuel their planes without assistance from airport personnel. The process works much like refueling a car at a gas station, with pilots simply swiping a credit card to pay for fuel.

The new self-service station is open for pilots 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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