A man displayed a shotgun Thursday afternoon during an encounter with sheriff’s deputies on Dogwalk Road, but did not point the gun at them, Deputy Andrew Long said in a report.

Deputies arriving at the address about 2:15 p.m. Thursday were met by a woman who said the man was in a vehicle in the driveway and possibly armed.

“While deputies approached the driveway, a male was seen moving swiftly to the rear of the vehicle before appearing with a shotgun. The suspect, named in the report, “was given multiple verbal commands to drop the gun but refused,” the report said.

The man made no attempts to raise the gun or make any aggressive movements, the report said.

He got into the vehicle he was standing beside and drove in reverse gear down a long driveway. Deputies followed the vehicle but lost visibility because other vehicles were in the way.

The suspect then fled on foot. A K-9 dog was deployed and a track ensued.

“All available resources were exercised before the track was called off,” the report said.

After speaking with the victims, it was determined that no crime had occurred, the report said.

The suspect “was carrying around a weapon to intimidate the victims but never pointed (the gun at them) or threatened the victims,” the report said.

The victims told a deputy they didn’t think he would hurt them, but the suspect made statements “that he would die on that property and they would watch,” the report said.

An investigation continues.

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