A rezoning that would provide new parking and storage for Greeneville Iron & Metal gained the recommendation of the Greeneville Regional Planning Commission on Tuesday.

The commission voted to give its recommendation to the rezoning of the property from residential to industrial use. The rezoning request will now go to the Greeneville Board of Mayor and Aldermen for consideration.

The request seeks to rezone 9.2 acres at the intersection of Old Stage and Rufe Taylor roads from its current R-3 medium density residential zoning to M-2 high impact use.

Jeff Collins, owner of Greeneville Iron & Metal, told the commission that as the recycling business continues to grow, there is a need for a parking area for employees as well as for additional trucks and roll-off containers used in the business operations.

The property, which is across the road from the company’s current operation, is planned for use for that parking and storage area, he said. The company has owned the property for several years as a planned area for expansion if needed, Collins said.

In discussing the request, Collins was cooperative in considering a suggestion to lessen the acreage to be rezoned, City Planning Director Randy Davenport told the commission. Originally, the request was for rezoning of the entire 15-acre parcel.

Property adjacent to the Greeneville Iron & Metal parcel is being explored as a possible site for residential development, he explained. To provide a buffer between the proposed development of the Greeneville Iron & Metal property and the adjacent property, Collins has agreed to leave a portion of the property, which is currently wooded, zoned R-3, Davenport continued.

An existing sewer line and a creek on the adjacent property will likely limit development near the line with the Greeneville Iron & Metal tract as well, he said. The town’s regulations will also require a buffer to be put into place as the land is developed.

Prior to its consideration by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Collins and his surveying firm have been asked to submit a plat for approval showing the division of the parcel into two lots, the one to be rezoned and the 6.2-acre parcel to remain R-3, Davenport said.

In other business, the planning commission gave final approval to a site plan showing the construction of a new convenience store, gas pumps and island for the Marathon location at 860 W. Andrew Johnson Highway beside the Greeneville Oil & Petroleum office.

The site plan shows a triangle of property added after the town vacated the right-of-way of Bitner Street last month. The additional land allows for more maneuverability around the gas pumps, Davenport stated.

Approval was also given to a related plot plan for the construction of an open-sided storage shed at the rear of the property. After the site plan was completed, the company decided to add a shed at the back of the property, he explained. The gravel area is used for parking and the shed will provide some cover for the trucks.

The planning commission also gave approval for the addition of a new driveway and storage garage at 1995 W. Main St., revision of lot lines for property at 3790 Snapps Ferry Road and a revision to the number of units planned in Phase 2R of the Keeneland Meadow planned unit development.

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