The Greene County Commission’s Budget and Finance Committee had a short agenda for its regular meeting Wednesday.

The primary item on the agenda included a change to the Greene County Solid Waste Department’s budget to cover overtime pay that was not in the department’s original budget.

The budget and finance committee voted to move $500 from the “travel” line item of the solid waste department’s budget to the “overtime pay” line item.

Greene County Budget Director Danny Lowery explained that the solid waste department’s current budget did not provide for any overtime compensation and the change would be necessary to cover overtime garnered over two days of the Thanksgiving holiday and three days expected for the Christmas holiday.

“Next year their budget will be cleaned up a little better,” Lowery said.

An “overtime pay” line item is expected to be budgeted for the next fiscal year.

“If their budget is that tight, it might be better to just take some money out of fund balance then,” Commissioner and committee member John Waddle said.

He added that it could cost the county more in the future if the committee keeps adding money each month instead of budgeting for it.

“There could be more, depending on the weather and a bunch of stuff,” Waddle said.

Greene County Mayor Kevin Morrison said that the budget is tight at solid waste, explaining that there is only one heavy mechanic to work on the trucks and other equipment and one compactor mechanic to work the compactor at the convenience centers.

“What we face is, depending on what job it is, they sort of have to do it all,” Morrison said.

“That department has struggled for years,” Waddle said.

Morrison also said that the “travel” line item in the solid waste department’s budget allows for travel expenses pertaining to any kind of training department employees might be sent to. Those funds, he said, would not be utilized in December.

Commissioner Brad Peters resigned from the budget and finance committee last week. Morrison said that his replacement would be announced at an upcoming Greene County Commission meeting.