Downtown Greeneville is getting a new parking enforcement officer as the city updates its policy on parking ticket warnings and plans for a major project to provide more space for downtown parking.

The Greeneville Parking Authority voted Tuesday to hire Tammy Knapp-Stanton to fill the vacant parking attendant position.

Knapp-Stanton is the daughter of the previous parking attendant, Michael Knapp.

Knapp retired from the position in 2019, and returned part-time early in 2020 before retiring once more in March 2020.

The position of parking attendant has been vacant since Knapp’s 2020 retirement, but that vacancy is no more.

New parking attendant Knapp-Stanton will patrol the street parking and parking lots downtown as a part of her position.

The authority also set a new policy for how parking tickets are given going forward.

Previously, the parking policy was that no warnings would be issued for parking violations. That policy is changing.

The new policy will provide parking violators downtown with one official warning for their first offense. For any subsequent offenses following the initial warning, the violator will be written a parking ticket.

This policy was piloted for a few months last year, and will now be the official permanent policy.

Examples of parking offenses that would warrant the issuance of a citation include parking for longer than two hours in a two hour parking space or parking in a reserved leased space without a lease for the spot.


The Parking Authority also discussed the Crowfoot Alley parking lot project at Tuesday’s meeting.

Town Administrator Todd Smith said he hopes construction on the project will start in September.

The authority decided that when construction on the project begins, people who currently lease spots in that area will lose those spots. However, they will be given a spot in the Snap Parking Lot, located behind Leonard and Associates off of East Summer Street, free of charge for the duration of the construction. As a result, the Snap Lot will become entirely leased parking.

After construction concludes, lessees will have the option to pay to keep their leased spot in the Snap Lot. Those spots not kept by a lessee will go back in the lease pool.

The authority acknowledged the possible difficulties that lie ahead with parking downtown as the Crowfoot Alley project and Depot Street project could be undertaken at the same time, causing a considerable loss in parking while the projects are underway.

“We could be losing about 88 parking spaces during construction,” authority member and Alderman Cal Doty said.

“There is going to be construction on the parking lot and Depot Sreet for several months,” Smith said. “Be patient with us because the payoff will be huge.”

Authority member and Alderman Tim Teague agreed.

“There is going to be a little bit of pain but the end result will be worth it,” Teague said.

When going over all the business conducted in the meeting and the future business that lies ahead for the authority, Teague was blunt.

“The Parking Authority has been gone, but now it is going to be back and in a big way,” he said. “When this gets in the paper, Chief Ward’s phone will be ringing off the hook.”

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