Indivisible Greene County Rally

Members of Indivisible Greene County gathered outside the Courthouse Annex Tuesday morning to express their support of the investigation into allegations of misconduct by President Donald Trump in a phone conversation with the Ukranian president in July.

Members of Indivisible Greene County gathered at the Courthouse Annex Tuesday morning in a rally to support of oversight investigations into possible misconduct by President Donald Trump.

Following the rally, Indivisible Greene County members met with Daryl Brady, a field representative for Congressman Phil Roe, R-1st, of Johnson City, to ask that the congressman support the ongoing series of House investigations into the president and his administration’s alleged actions.

Democrats in the House are investigating the president’s conduct regarding a conversation Trump had in the summer with the president of Ukraine. During that conversation Trump asked the Ukrainian leader to investigate dealings of political opponent Joe Biden and his son in that country. There have also been allegations of obstruction of justice in efforts to cover up details surrounding the conversation.

“President Trump and his administration are obstructing Congress’ efforts to conduct oversight, as is its charge by the Constitution,” said Indivisible Greene County leadership member Art Gillen.

“In over 20 separate investigations, they have blocked requests for testimony, documents and other materials that could help shed light into their intentions and actions, and the following of protocols for managing and storing records,” Gillen continued. “This goes well beyond ‘executive privilege’ and into the realm of outright disregard for the checks and balances that define our government.”

Indivisible Greene County member Jim Balderes, who was participating in the rally, said Indivisible groups locally and nationally have made it their priority to hold elected officials at all levels accountable, regardless of party.

The effort on Tuesday was part of the mission as members want to urge the congressman to do his constitutional duty to support the investigation into potential abuse of power and obstruction of justice, Balderes said.

“Every day, I become more and more confident that the entire truth will come out regarding the corruption and abuse of power perpetrated by our president,” he said. “We can all be certain that Congressman Roe and his distinguished colleagues will learn that ignoring such crimes and misdemeanors in the interest of holding onto power at all costs is never the right thing to do — never the patriotic American thing to do.”

In meeting with Roe’s representative, Gillen said Indivisible Greene County members want to remind the congressman of his oath to protect the Constitution and “to that end he must fully support these current inquiries.”

The members submitted questions regarding the investigation, and if they do not receive answers, they will ask for a follow-up meeting, he said.

Those questions included whether Roe is supporter of wanting see any president, regardless of party, held accountable for violations of their oath and the Constitution. If so, the members said they hope Roe would be supportive of investigations to determine if an impeachment inquiry is in order.

The members also shared their stand that no one is above the law, and that what Trump is alleged to have done in the conversation with the Ukranian president is a breach of national security for political and personal gain that merits investigation.

If Congress finds impeachable acts have not been committed, that needs to be shared with the American people to allow the nation to move on, the group shared with Roe’s representative.

However, if the investigation finds wrongdoing, Congress should act quickly to bring impeachment proceedings, the group’s members stated.

In a column published Friday in The Greeneville Sun, Roe stated his opinion that Trump’s telephone conversation with the Ukrainian leader “does not constitute impeachable conduct.”

“This is just another desperate attempt by House Democrats to remove President Trump from office since they couldn’t beat him at the ballot box. Democrat leadership wants the public to believe they are reluctant to begin an impeachment inquiry, but the truth is this is a carefully calculated, political move,” Roe wrote.

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