Local public schools reported 149 COVID-19 cases during the week of Sept. 6-10, according to the districts’ weekly updated on cases among students and staff.

The data is posted on both districts’ websites on Monday for the previous week. Greene County Schools reports only the number of positive cases, while Greeneville City Schools shares numbers of students and staff both in isolation after a positive case and in quarantine after being identified as a close contact.

For the week of Sept. 6-10, Greene County Schools reported 66 new cases among students and 11 among staff, after reporting 131 cases among students and 24 among staff the week before.

Greeneville City Schools reported 59 students and 13 staff members in isolation after a positive case, after having 103 students and 10 staff test positive the week of Sept. 3-7.

Among county school students to test positive between Sept. 6-10, 10 attend Chuckey-Doak High School; Doak Elementary, South Greene High and West Greene High schools reported seven cases each; West Greene Middle School reported six; Chuckey Doak and North Greene middle schools each had five cases; North Greene High, Nolachuckey Elementary and South Greene Middle schools each had four; Chuckey, McDonald and Mosheim elementary schools each had two cases; and one case was reported for the Glenwood Educational Center.

In Greeneville City Schools, 20 cases were reported among students at Greeneville High School, 14 for EastView Elementary, 11 each at Hal Henard Elementary and Greeneville Middle, two at Tusculum View Elementary and one at Highland Elementary. The data also lists 42 Greeneville High School students in quarantine as well as 30 Greeneville Middle School students, 26 Hal Henard Elementary School students, 17 EastView Elementary School students, five Tusculum View students and four Highland Elementary School students.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health on Friday, those cases are among 443 reported in Greene County over the past 14 days.

Among Greene County Schools staff cases, according to the district’s website, two each were reported for Camp Creek Elementary, South Greene Middle, West Greene High and West Greene Middle schools. Chuckey Elementary, North Greene High and North Greene Middle schools had one staff member at each test positive.

Greeneville City Schools reported four staff members at Greeneville Middle, four at Hal Henard Elementary, two at Tusculum View Elementary and one each at Central Office, EastView Elementary and Greeneville High School tested positive Sept. 6-10. One staff member at Hal Henard Elementary School is listed as in quarantine.

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