A man required hospital treatment following an accidental self-inflicted shooting Saturday morning at the victim's Tucker Hollow Road home.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the scene. Jerry L. Wolfe, 68, had a gunshot wound to his left leg just above the knee, sheriff's Sgt. Toby Price said in a report.

The wound was not life-threatening, the report said.

The victim and his wife both told deputies that Wolfe was in a downstairs bathroom pulling up his pants when a .22 caliber derringer pistol that he kept in a small nylon cellphone case clipped to his waistband discharged.

The case fell from the waistband while still in the case and discharged when it hit the floor, and a bullet hit Wolfe in the leg, the report said.

Pieces of the nylon cellphone case were scattered across the bathroom floor "as well as having a large hole shot through the bottom of the case," the report said.

Wolfe was taken to Holston Valley Medical Center in Kingsport, where he was treated and later released, a hospital spokesman said.

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