A change to regulations for property plat submissions and a possible modification in meeting requirements were addressed by the Greene County Planning Commission on Tuesday.

A revision that would reduce the number of signatures needed for some property plats was presented to the planning commission. A public hearing about the revision will be held at the next planning commission meeting on July 14.

The revision would require a signature from the Emergency 911 Communications District only if a plat involved new road construction. Currently, a signature from 911 is required on all plats.

A request for the proposed was made for the proposed change by 911. Jerry Bird, E-911 director, told the planning commission during its May meeting that most plats involve existing roads, and removing the requirement would result in one less step for those seeking plat approval that do not have new roads proposed as part of their development.

Requiring the signature for plats with new roads or streets would allow 911 to record them in their database.

The change in the regulations will also require the approval of the Greene County Commission.

Another change in requirements, this one regarding either the surveyor or property owner be present when a plat is considered, was also discussed during the meeting. Following the discussion, the commission directed the Planning Office to explore what options are available for a surveyor or property owner to be available remotely during the meeting.

Surveyor Todd Shelton asked if it was possible for the planning commission to continue using the Zoom electronic meeting platform. He explained that the electronic meetings allowed him to continue working in the field while the timing of the planning commission’s meeting at 1 p.m. often meant that he could not do any surveying on that day.

Greene County Attorney Roger Woolsey explained that the electronic meetings were permitted by an executive order by Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee due to the coronavirus pandemic but that order is set to expire at the end of June.

Unless the order is extended, the commission has to meet in person as required by state law. Tuesday’s meeting was not held using Zoom as the commission met at the Courthouse Annex.

Asked if surveyors could be available by telephone or by using some platform such as Zoom for the meeting, Woolsey said it would be a decision for the planning commission.

He explained that the attendance requirement was put into place to resolve an issue of no one being available to answer questions about a plat during meetings. Because of the regulations, approval of one of the property subdivisions considered during the meeting was denied because no representative was in attendance.

After further discussion, the planning commission directed the study of some possible options for remote attendance by surveyors or landowners.

In other business, the board gave its approval for the R&R Campground located adjacent to Jack Lane off Greystone Road subject to submission of a plat showing the required five acres or more for a campground and a site plan.

The proposed campground will be private. Private and public campgrounds must be approved by the planning commission.

The planning commission also granted a six-month extension for the paving by the developer of an addition to Forrest View Lane to reach the Robert and Donna Carpenter property.

The planning commission approved five property subdivisions:

  • the readjustment of lot lines Jeff Johnson property on Redgate Road for a small transfer of land to an adjacent property;
  • the creation of two lots on 6.48 acres of the Bryan Bostock property on Bright Hope Road;
  • the creation of a 2.35-acre parcel on the Shirl and Louise Click property on Hilldale Road from a larger tract;
  • combination of plats to create four lots on 11.71 acres of the Danny and Richard Scott property on Scott Way, and
  • formation of a 0.78 acre-lot on the Fender and Lucas property along Kingsport Highway from a larger tract.

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