Two suspects are sought in a burglary early Monday at the Rheatown Store, 385 Rheatown Road.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a burglary alarm about 3:55 a.m. Monday at the business. An older-model Jeep was backed up near soda machines outside the store. The driver told deputies he stopped to get a drink but the machine wasn’t working.

Deputies noticed the front door of the business was not secure and the deadbolt was turned but the door was ajar.

More deputies arrived and found the soda machines had been pried open from the side and locks had been removed. Review of security camera footage showed a man had been inside the business.

The video showed a Honda minivan pull into the parking lot from Rheatown Road, and a man and woman getting out “and were messing around outside the store,” Deputy Alyssa Willis said in a report.

The woman appeared to spray-paint the license tag on the van before she and the man walked to the front door with the faces covered with bandanas.

The pair moved cameras at the entrance so they were pointing upward. Cameras in the store showed the shadows of the man and woman, who went to the cash register. A man carrying what appeared to be a women’s maroon-colored purse entered through the front entrance of the store triggering the alarm at 3:35 a.m. and went to the cash register and removed the drawer before running out of the store.

Money in the cash register totaled $506. Damage to the cash register totals $200. There was also damage to the two soda machines outside and the vacuum machine.

There was slight damage to the front door, but the lock was still functional.

The male had on a hoodie, blue jeans and lime green beanie. Anyone with information can contact the Greene County Sheriff’s Department at 423-798-1800.

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