A semi-truck driver following GPS instructions Tuesday ended up sliding his truck down an embankment on a sharp turn at around 7 a.m.

Greene County Emergency Management Agency Director Bill Brown explained that the accident caused extensive damage to the roadway and that the safety of the road was compromised.

“I can’t say (the road) will be open once they get the truck out,” Brown said. “They’ve got to look at the road damage.”

He said the road will be closed overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday.

The road would remain closed “until safe to operate a vehicle on it,” Brown said.

Coming from the direction of Viking Mountain Road, Fred Washington followed his GPS onto the unpaved, single-lane mountain road. When navigating a particularly sharp turn on the 4100 block of Greene Mountain Road, his truck slipped through the wet mud on the road shoulder and his truck overturned.

Washington was uninjured, and said it was his personal truck. He claims not to have seen the “No Truck Route” sign at the entrance of the mountain road.

This is the second tractor-trailer to slide off a mountain road in the county in a less than a month.

The pre-loaded trailer did not contain any hazardous materials, unlike the gasoline truck that overturned on Round Knob Road on Sept. 12.

Washington was on his way to deliver the truck’s load to Valk Industries Inc. on Greene Mountain Road in Camp Creek.

Around 12:30 p.m., Malone’s Wrecker Service began to pull the overturned truck back onto the mountain road.

The tractor had been removed by 2:30 p.m. but crews were still working to remove the loaded trailer from the embankment.

Greene County 911 dispatch said Camp Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Department and Greene County Emergency Management Agency were at the scene early Tuesday morning.

Greene County/Greeneville Emergency Medical Services also responded to the scene, but no one was transported to a hospital.

Greene Mountain Road runs through the Cherokee National Forest, and the U.S. Forest Service will be responsible for opening the road.