Sheriff Wesley Holt expected to see a gleaming new patrol cruiser Monday when he walked into the parking lot next to headquarters.

Instead, he beheld a 1955 Ford V-8 police car, the best Detroit had to offer law enforcement 65 years ago.

“We have expended the funds to purchase the latest and greatest of police technology to give to the sheriff,” Mayor Kevin Morrison told Holt.

“We’ll put that to work, It will probably work better than some of the new ones,” Holt replied.

Kent Bewley stood by with a smile on his face. Bewley explained that his wife, Bettye Anne Bewley, had purchased the police car for the Bewleys’ City Garage Car Museum on South Main Street after seeing it for sale in Sevierville.

“We saw it parked. It was at an antique store,” Bewley said. The car was brought to Greeneville last week.

But before it is displayed with other vintage vehicles at the car museum, the Bewleys decided to take a slight detour, with the assistance of Morrison and others, including Karon and Steven Stout.

Morrison and Holt have been known to play good-natured pranks on one another. Holt was expecting to find one of the new sheriff’s department vehicles recently ordered by the county.

He broke into a wide smile when he saw the 1955 Ford instead.

Morrison joked that budget cuts to law enforcement are not under consideration, but anything was possible.

“I might be driving that,” Holt replied.

The dual-exhaust car had the word Overdrive in chrome on the back hood, an indication it was one of the “police package” cars made by Ford at the time.

“How about that,” Holt said. “I knew they were up to something.”

Bewley believes the car originated in Florida and may have been used in a movie.

“I think Kent’s got something nice for his museum. That’s a good police car,” Holt said.

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