Water outages may be experienced in the next two weeks while water lines are replaced in conjunction with the bridge replacement project on East Church Street.

An outage was being expected Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. along Bernard Avenue and along Church Street to York Drive for line replacement. Outages may be experienced in the next two weeks, according to the Greeneville Water Department.

The department realizes there have been events that inconvenienced many customers, Greeneville Water Superintendent Laura White said in a news release.

On Monday, residents and businesses in the area experienced water outages when construction crews working on the bridge struck the water line to be replaced.

Further outages are possible due to the line replacement. There are two lines that run down Church Street from the Greeneville Water Treatment Plant; both lines currently run under the bridge that is being replaced, White explained.

The water utility is moving the lines, which are relatively old cast iron, from under the bridge. Valves are going to be inserted on these lines in the next two weeks so the department has the ability to turn the water off quickly to isolate potential breaks and ensure an adequate supply of water for customers, she said.

Since these lines are quite large and deep in the ground, there is always a possibility of an unplanned disruption of water service, White said.

Notice will be given when the department plans to insert the valves.

Whether due to the current bridge work on East Church Street or another reason, the Greeneville Water Commission offers these tips for addressing an outage:

  • Buy water – always stock up on water in a 72-hour emergency kit to ensure there is enough safe drinking water during an outage.
  • With prior notice of an outage, fill a bath tub with water that can be used when flushing a toilet.
  • Shut down water heating systems – turning the water heater off will prevent it from overheating or catching fire when the line runs dry.
  • As much as possible, limit usage of any household appliance that requires water.
  • During an outage, pour water down a toilet bowl to flush it manually. Consider purchasing additional water strictly for flushing.

The Water Department is working closely with the local Emergency Management Agency, which will in turn work alongside the other local response agencies, to address any preplanning measures that may need to be taken for the outages, White said.

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