Park Overall, an actress born and reared in Greeneville but who now lives in both Afton and North Hollywood, Calif., may be seen in a new TV series, "Katie Joplin," at 9:30 p.m. Monday on Warner Brothers Network.

Overall told members of The Greeneville Sun staff about the series premiere during a telephone call Friday. She also noted that the program was the Critic's Choice for Monday evening viewing, as noted in this week's TV Guide.

"I'm pretty proud," she says of the honor.

"Katie Joplin" was shot as a mid-season replacement for Warner Brothers' 1998 fall season, but did not air as planned.

In the show, Overall plays the lead character, a woman from Knoxville who follows her "good-for-nothing husband to Philadelphia," according to an Aug. 6, 1998, Sun article about the show.

Overall, for that article, noted that the show "brings the mountain spirit and mountain wisdom to the city of brotherly love."

Overall's character has a 14-year-old son, and once in Philadelphia, lands a job as a radio talk show hostess who isn't the sweetest on-air personality ever heard.

The show also stars Jay Thomas, who played right-wing talk show host Jerry Gold on the CBS series, "Murphy Brown."

Unfortunately for local viewers, WB, the Warner Brothers network, has no affiliate station in the Tri-Cities area and is not available on the FrontierVision cable system, which serves Greeneville and Greene County, according to a FrontierVision spokesman.

However, broadcast Channel 20, WBXX, Knoxville, is a WB affiliate. Its transmitter is on Windrock Mountain in the Oliver Springs area of Anderson County, near Oak Ridge, a station spokesman said.

Thus, depending on one's location, Greene Countians who receive their television programs by antenna, rather than by cable or satellite dish, might be able to receive the "Katie Joplin" program on broadcast Channel 20 (not FrontierVision Channel 20).

Channel 62 from Asheville, N.C., is also reported to be a WB affiliate that at least some local antenna-type television sets can receive.

Park Overall fans will have other opportunities to catch her work soon. Her new series, "Ladies Man," is being advertised by CBS as part of its stations' Monday evening lineup when the new season begins.

She also has made a TV movie, "The Price of a Broken Heart," which was made by Hurst Productions for the Lifetime cable channel.

Park Overall is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. "Jack" Overall of Circle Drive.