Lawrence “Dave” F. Davis, 82, of Greeneville, passed away peacefully Tuesday at 4 p.m. surrounded by his beloved wife, loving yorkie, Lexi, and his daughter, Debbie.

Lawrence “Dave” was a Korean Veteran and served in the U.S. Navy from 1954-58. He had a great long life.

He worked many jobs over his lifetime in construction, a prisoner pilot, a Sheriff in California, and he restored vintage vehicles and won numerous awards for the paint jobs he had done.

Lawrence moved to Alaska in 1972 and worked construction, drove trucks and painted cars. Lawrence “Dave” and his family lived there for five years. Lawrence “Dave” and Sharon have been married and together since 1960. Raised a family of three and created many adventures for his family. They moved to Greeneville 14 years ago to retire. He got into leather making and made beautiful gun holsters and belts. He was known in town as “The Belt Man”.

The family wishes to share: “My Dad,” by Debbie Evans. “The two best things in the whole wide world are a loving caring mom and a strong handsome dad. I was blessed with both. I just lost my dad today, worst day of my life. But I have so many wonderful memories of my daddy. My daddy wore so many different hats in his life. He started off wearing a sailors hat, he was in the Navy serving in Korea from 1954-1958, so proud of him. He also wore a hard hat, he worked in construction jobs building things. He loved taking old cars and restoring them, I was very proud of the beautiful paint jobs he did, what an artist. He also wore a cowboy hat, he loved horses, we bordered horses so that dad could teach us how to take care of them and taught us how to ride them. I honestly think my dad was a cowboy in a previous life. He also wore a police hat, he did two jobs in one, he flew prisoners from one place to another when he was a sheriff in California. My dad was amazing! He taught us so much and he loved the hands on method. You really do learn a lot that way. He was a good dad and husband, he did whatever it took to keep his family going and did it with pride. I learned my work ethics from him and my mom. I had great parents. The last hat that my daddy wore was a caregiver to my mom when she got sick. I have never seen such dedication. So as he started to settle into semi-retirement and caring for mom, he got into doing leatherwork. He made the most beautiful holsters and belts I have ever seen. He made a reputation here in Greeneville as “The Belt Guy”. I have come to the conclusion, that my dad could do anything he set his mind to. I honestly could not have had a better dad, thank you God. I love you daddy, and will miss you very much! The best dad ever!”

Lawrence “Dave” is survived by his best friend and beloved wife: Sharon Berniece Davis; his children: Debbie Evans, Paula Davis, Scott Davis and Shawna Davis; eight grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; one sister: Donna Rae and Donald Rockstrom; and two brothers: Frederick “Butch” and Toni Davis, and Benny and Cheryl Davis.

He was preceded in death by his father: Lawrence R. Davis; his mother and stepfather: Agnes and Fred Dark; and his brother: Edgar Davis.

At his request, his body will be cremated and his ashes interred at Mountain Home National Cemetery. There will be no formal services.