You had to be there 50 years ago, and I was. As a young reporter for a local TV station in Houston, I frequently visited NASA (“the space base,” we dubbed it), met many of the astronauts and reported on their exploits.

One thing that makes America the greatest nation in the world is our belief in the dignity of work. Work can provide purpose in our lives, and we take pride in the work we do.

If you’re going to condemn someone else in politics, or any other walk of life, you should have your own house in order. Nancy Pelosi learned that the hard way on Tuesday as the Speaker violated House rules by accusing President Trump of sending “racist” tweets.

Two summers ago on a visit to Budapest, I asked the spokesman for the Hungarian government about the growing problem of migrants coming into Europe. He told me Hungary doesn’t have a migrant problem because they don’t have welfare programs. So, he said, migrants continue their travels to oth…

It’s obvious to many people that our president, Donald Trump, is really Archie Bunker in the age of social media. Actually, in President Bunker’s small hands, it’s antisocial media, as his small mind cranks out old-fashioned racism.

Here’s my latest roundup of spelling fails. They’re easy to find. You see them on signs at stores (or on the highway), and especially, social media. Each time I write about this, I think it may be the final edition. Yet somehow, within a few weeks people send me a whole new batch. I guess I …

Politics and celebrity — increasingly synonymous — seem to corrupt everything these days. So it should come as no surprise that they are also infecting and trivializing one of the worst individual cases of alleged sexual abuse.

Can a Latin cross ever be anything other than a symbol of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus? Can religious symbols or practices — Christian, Hindu, Native American or other — take on other meanings?

Conservatives talk a lot about how we don’t like identity politics. But it’s not always clear what people mean by it. Academics and intellectuals tend to mean one thing, while politicians and activists often have something slightly different in mind.

Immediately before Congress adjourned for Independence Day, the House finally passed the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance and Security at the Southern Border Act. It fulfilled the president’s request for much-needed, long-overdue humanitarian aid and funding …

If Alexander Acosta had done in South Florida what Geoffrey Berman just did in New York, Jeffrey Epstein, a sexual predator, might already be behind bars for the rest of his life instead of serving only 13 months.

PLYMOUTH NOTCH, Vermont — Rep. Justin Amash has left the Republican Party and will now represent Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District as an Independent.

At least 16 children have died in hot cars in the United States so far in 2019. Last year, the number of heat-related child deaths in vehicles was the highest in recorded history.

We live in an era of public ugliness, of architects who deliberately make their forms unsightly and inhuman, and of public art installations that are invariably ridiculous.

My family has always been supporters of public schools, having tremendous respect for hard-working teachers. Recent decisions made by the Greene County school board and administration have concerned us greatly, particularly regarding closing schools and transitioning to the middle school model.

The majority of Americans consider fake news and misinformation to be serious threats to democracy — and that fear may actually be making us better and savvier news consumers.

The notion of history repeating itself is usually viewed as a negative statement, but some history is worth repeating because we might learn and be guided by it.