A Matter Of Most Crucial Importance

Dear Sir:

Lately there has been a lot of heated local discussion about possible pros and cons associated with enactment of more widespread voting by mail options. Unfortunately, many of the discussions appear to be fueled by sharp political division, rather than what this writer views as the matter of most crucial importance.

Perhaps rather than making such effort to paint this issue as being primarily about candidates, political parties, and advantages or disadvantages thereof, as well as USPS’s supposed inability to meet challenges, the front-and-center focus should be on HOW to ensure each and every eligible American citizen’s ability to safely exercise his/her constitutional right to vote. In this writer’s opinion, that is and should be an underlying factor of paramount importance in any and every U.S. election — past, present and future.

Obviously, problem solving happens neither instantly nor without input, which oftentimes includes sorting through data, hypothetical questioning, agreement/disagreement and so on. But in order to achieve success, in most instances aim must remain focused on the ultimate goal — a solved problem! In this case, the solved problem would be making sure EVERY American vote can be safely cast and accurately counted in a timely manner. It’s no secret to any of us that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth circumstances millions of Americans have never before had to be concerned about. The looming presence of the virus has created a very different situation, which calls for different measures. Those different measures, whatever they might be, should and must result in voting options that are safe and available to every eligible American! Having recently been witness to disagreement and negativity in this regard from some local voters is concerning and disappointing. In fact it is what precipitated the writing of this letter.

Amy Saxonmeyer


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