A Note Of Thanks For A ‘Small Miracle’

Dear Sir:

I had a small miracle this morning and want to share it with you because it’s “good news” and to thank the anonymous person who did the right thing.

I play for a small congregation in the county and they pay me a generous salary, which I get the check each week. Yesterday, I tucked the check in my journal and didn’t think anymore about it until last night. When I opened my journal, the check was gone!

I had been hiking at Horse Creek and had taken the journal for note-taking, totally forgetting the check was inside. Well, first thing this morning I ran up the highway to the church thinking I may have dropped it there. No check. Then I thought, “Marcy, you’re crazy to waste time going back to Horse Creek.” But, I’ve been surprised by God before so I decided to go.

I had been at one of the picnic tables beside the creek so I thought I would start there. Believe it or not, I could see the little white rectangle before I made it to the table. Someone had found it, placed it on the table and placed two small rocks on it.

So, thank you to my “angel” and to everyone else, remember that there are “good” people out there. Don’t just assume the whole world is like what we are told.

Marcy Brooks


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