LETTER: America Faces A Destiny-Determining Choice: Are We Up To It?

Dear Sir:

What does it mean to be a patriot? What used to be a rallying cry for strength has turned into a populist endorsement for hypocrisy. When 30,000 plus lies by a president and riot is the means for getting one’s views across becomes acceptable, the country is lost. America living up to its professed principles is the one chance we have left to regain international respect which brings influence. America is the country where:

  1. No one is above the law.
  2. Up until recently the spirit of the law guided our national discourse, rather than procedural short-term advantage to ignore the real issues confronting us.
  3. Real debate to find solutions for global, economic, social issues used to be the way forward.

I am a conservative, former Republican, now with no political home. Republican policy is easy to understand:

  1. Whatever the issue, the answer is “no” without ever coming up with an alternative plan as promised.
  2. Facts and character do not matter.
  3. Opinion and lies guide, despite rejection by rational judges appointed by Republicans.

Trump raised legitimate issues and did some good. Taking down the government that gave him the opportunity to be president does not make it right to destroy the institution that enabled him. Democrats should embrace the fact they created Trump by not finding workable solutions and ignoring public sentiment for decades.

Is America up to the character it wishes to portray or are we at the point of proving our national and government hypocrisy beyond any doubt?

With the vote Washington evoked procedure and alluded to accountability by another route. Saving face via procedure does not address damage done. What is next? America remains on trial, not just Republicans or Democrats.

Wolf Spendel


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