Ballad Is Compromising Patient Care With Current ER Capacity

Dear Sir:

According to Saturday’s Greeneville Sun dated March 27, 2021, “Ballad Health Says Pandemic Has Caused Diversion, But Patient Care Has Not Been Compromised.”

It is widely known by Greene County residents the emergency room wait times can be lengthy, sometimes very, very lengthy, at Ballad Community Hospital, East Campus. The paper states there can be several ambulances waiting at the same time at the ER for a bed. So it is quite obvious patient care is, and has been, compromised ever since one ER was closed without first expanding the other one. Before, the town had an ER on both sides, enhancing the ability to have ER care without having to drive extra minutes and miles. Time and miles can make a difference in saving lives.

Yes indeed, people are going to other hospitals, Newport, Morristown, some as far away as Knoxville. Having to drive these distances alone can be critical when immediate care is needed, but are occurring because of inadequate facilities in Greeneville. It’s a gamble, but patients may be able to drive to these other hospitals, get care, get care, and return home in less time than the wait time in the ER at Ballad.

Perhaps there needs to be a town hall meeting and let Ballad hear the frustrations from the people first hand.

Roger Draper


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