Biden Will Unite Us With Bankruptcy For Marxist Agenda

Dear Sir:

Don’t worry sir, Joe Biden is going to unite America. He is going to unite us with bankruptcy to make way for their Marxist agenda. Taxation without representation, the staple of peace. He will support the righteous endeavor of denying basic biology of male and female. Hallelujah. Kamala enlightened us that our CHILDREN should not be put in a “gender box.” Give them hormones to change God’s nature. Plus, they will save us all from Covid by “trusting the science.” Send crumbs when they crush economic prosperity, while sending billions to foreign governments. Check. Take guns from law-abiding Americans so that they have no recourse for the tyranny they have planned. (Working on it.)

But please sir, don’t dare question Joe or his family’s enrichment off his career as a “public servant.” That’s being divisive, and any evidence is a Russia Hoax. Got it? The glory of Joe may be headed for the White House, so don’t dare say anything about America’s previous wisdom on mail in ballots. It’s election month now, understand? Never mind he can’t put three sentences together that make sense, he has the wise Kamala to help him. The one who stood in burning cities stating, “This won’t stop,” using skin color to extort and anarchy to conquer opposition. Don’t tell those fools for freedom she said, “We will leave no stone unturned” when looking for you. Fascism is what THEY say it is. Ah yes. Unity is coming. “We choose truth over fact.” — Joe Biden

AJ Anderson


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