Don’t Forget About Those In Jail

Dear Sir:

About your county jail. Recently I was an inmate there for four days as a result of driving without a CDL. I was respected by all inmates and employees. With the COVID-19 as it is, why is your jail accepting new inmates that are nonviolent? Why even keep inmates that are nonviolent? Many of the inmates are there because of drug offenses. Put them where they can get counseling. Some inmates need GEDs. Get them where they can get assistance for that.

All the inmates need an hour a day out in the sun for their health. One inmate told me in 15 months he had only been outdoors for three 15 minute periods. His skin color was pasty white … not healthy.

When inmates are first processed in, their money needs to be counted in front of them and be issued a receipt. Some inmates told me they lost money since first processed in. After release from the jail at the courthouse, I was charged a great deal more than what the judge fined me … $60 then $253.50. I could not get an answer from the clerk for the discrepancy. Greeneville is a beautiful town with people very friendly and helpful. Lots of huge churches. People, don’t forget to care for the people in jail.

Lee Meier

Rocky Comfort, Missouri

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